The Great Awakening

The world feels just a little safer today now that one of the Rothschild overlords has left the earth. Their legacy is that of heinous crimes, robbery, and elitism beyond anything the populace can imagine.
In the span of a few months, we have now seen a Rothschild and the infamous Henry Kissinger exit stage left.
Notice how Jacob acts when someone he considers a sheep confronts him with the truth. Stunned near speechless. A prescient comment in hindsight.
"We just want to let you know that the New World Order has no legitimacy. And that we as a people are not afraid. And we are waking up to the robber barons and the big bankers who are looting this economy with the Federal Reserve."

Please read this through. 🙏

For those that think.. If this is a military op.. If Trump is in charge? Then it must be his fault the country is being destroyed.

I would urge you to protect your mind and control your emotions.

What is 5GW? It is an information war. A war of narratives. Well I can honestly say. We ARE at war.

Think about this. .. Why build an army of digital soldiers? Why did Trump always tell us what was coming? Why Q? The answer is simple. To AMPLIFY a message and make us see what was going to reach the hearts and minds of the masses. We had fallen complacent. Our Country was being stolen, while we were looking at being enslaved.

I challenge you to find an issue that is currently being amplified through messaging that didn't already previously exist.

Government corruption. Energy cost. Illegal migration. Political persecution. Drugs, human and child trafficking. Stolen elections. A captured media. FAKE NEWS, big pharma, processed foods, schooling system. Etc.

All of these issues existed prior to "Biden" or Trump.

The difference now is they have been spotlighted to no end. People are now aware. How does it make you feel? ...See how this works? Emotional response is motivation and action. Unity.

Military intelligence operation at its finest.

This is why Trump said "We will see how bad they have done" past tense.
"It will be easier to do what must be done because everyone will agree with us."

Shown not told. Only at the precipice will people find the will to change.

Do you think it's a coincidence that we got that messaging before all of this went down?

Calm before the storm.

This operation has always been about us. We the people. To make us aware and motivate us to change. To motivate us to save our country from REAL problems before it was to late.

This is why I fight like our freedom and country is on the line. Bc it is.

But at the same time, this is how I do it with no fear. Comfy, as they say.

This is how I know NCSWIC. This is how I continue to trust the plan.

Who will stand and fight with me?

Katt Williams blows Joe Rogan's mind after he suggests that transgenderism originates from the demon Baphomet and that Hollywood has been pushing us towards these occult themes for decades:
"Show me one person that ever wore a dress in Hollywood unsuccessfully. That's how you understand what a ritual is. 20 years ago I knew that transgenders was going to be a thing, I had gotten so much information that I understood... I understood that the earliest I had seen that word transgender was from Baphomet the transgender. I knew in the ritual of Baphomet the transgender, to show allegiance to him you had to kiss his ring. I knew that both of those things would become popular. I knew that somehow calling people the GOAT would be normalized over the sheep being always the most popular reference."
Damn....How do I jump in on that.
"Propaganda in Hollywood is built into the ingredients list. If you want to make movies about certain subjects you have to be willing to work with certain people....You become a propaganda arm for the government.. And in turn, they don't mess with you...
I always wonder about all the stories in the Bible whether we experiencing it or not..."
Information is key. People are waking up to the spiritual nature of the war they are currently waged in. A Great Awakening.


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