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Tony Pantalleresco a Canadian Herbalist

Tony P - for your own good | the perfect Trojan horse


00:00 - 16:50

36:30 - 53:30


55:20 - meaning of nano-poisoning


De video van Nicholson1968 die ook in deze show wordt besproken.

27:10 - operation warp speed

41:00 - ' planet bootcamp '


IoB - wordt besproken in de show


23:55 - what goes on inside the body | share the information


Morphology through Frequencies---How nano can morph and change utilizing any freq

Thema van deze show:  'It is all about your DNA'

22:50 - the virus is an operation system


Tony: today we gonna start of with nano... 00:00 - 21:45

7:50 - the real pandemic that noboby is paying attention to

16:10 - this is your wake up call


Update Bryan396



0:50:50 - 0:55:30

Tony geeft uitleg over bovenstaande video.



Bryan: The Hydro Gel is the carrier fluid highway, of the nano tech.


9:30 - 18:15

37:00 - 58:00

Bryan - Nano Tech Researcher and Educator.

Tad...Have a look at the banding post for the breast issues. My disbanding went like this...first lots of bio film removed from shoulders and breasts before the bandings and tissue started to open releasing the nodes and fibers. See vimeo 'pelvic nodes' video...same as the breast. then under it all were the long thick polymer rods shown in the bandings pics. The massive chest crystalline fiber network is shown in the bio film roll offs. This is the cause of the breast cancer issues. The layered in toxins in the pockets swell and eventually break thru the tissue, by dissolving the polymer pocket and the tissue, entering the blood stream with the nano tech. This is WHY cancer operations spread it when cuts release these toxins thru the body. This is a double whammy when the immune recovery system has been wiped out by chemo or radiation. Also greatly increasing the toxin load. Baking Soda and Borax sprinkled in a bra, is a step in the right direction.

Pelvic nodes

Breast Areola Roll Out

Breast Nano Pockets

The Nano Bandings Choke The Lymphatic System Off.

This is how the bandings start. The hydrogel oozes thru the tissue pores and is thick and gooey from being choked off all our lives. The sticky bio film then has the nano particulates drop on the skin and the nerves detect the nano electrical signals from the magnetic programmable carbon nodes and tries to pull away from the irritation. The area around the node is filled with hydrogel and then it all shrinks into a closed and sealed hydrogel pocket with nodes in it and the nodes start to build and morph. These pocket become cysts and when the shell needs a large nutrient supply to continue to build the containment pocket for the putrid toxins...the body grows a tap root to tap the nutrients from the blood supply and that is the development of a tumor. Then when they cut it open the toxins spread thru the blood supply and causes the cancers throughout the body.


yesterday a talk radio show on CBC had a MADD Scientist EXPLAINING HOW they are monitoring air pollution with the bots...and as I have long been warning...every stick and stone on the planet will have bots on it and if you touch something that is owned by someones bot...even a stick or a stone...then a bot swarm will come and freq weapon you...and your just DISAPPEARED in a cloud of nano dust. https://www.naturalblaze.com/2019/04/designer-nanobots-changing-humanity.html

50:00 - 54:40

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