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Ex-Russian president names condition for using nukes​

Such a scenario would only occur if Russia’s very existence was at stake, Dmitry Medvedev says
Ex-Russian president names condition for using nukes

Deputy head of Russia's Security Council Dmitry Medvedev attends an interview with French broadcaster LCI, at Gorki state residence outside Moscow, Russia. © Sputnik / Ekaterina Shtukina

Moscow would only resort to nuclear weapons in four scenarios, all of which present an existential threat to the Russian state, former president Dmitry Medvedev told French media on Friday.

Speaking to the TV channel LCI, Medvedev was asked whether Russia’s military doctrine allows for using tactical nuclear weapons. The former president responded that Moscow’s nuclear posture has been made public, and there is nothing secret about it.

There are four reasons for the use of nuclear weapons. For the sake of interest and for the French public, I will name them: the launch of nuclear missiles, the use of nuclear weapons, attacks on critical infrastructure that controls nuclear weapons, or other actions that threaten the existence of the [Russian] state,” he said, adding that none of the above has happened so far.

Commenting on the possible use of tactical atomic weapons, or arms containing depleted uranium, the former president noted that Russia has never put those into action, unlike some Western countries.
Over the past 20-30 years, the NATO states have used them quite actively both in Yugoslavia and Iraq. There is some uncertainty around this topic, with very tragic consequences. So, in this sense, we must first look at what Western countries have done in certain situations,” Medvedev said.
UK's Truss ‘ready’ to use nukes
UK's Truss ‘ready’ to use nukes

The former president stressed that Russia’s response “will be consistent with the size of the threats this country is facing,” and that Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine, which started in late February, is a defensive measure.

According to Medvedev, one of the reasons for the attack was a statement by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who said at one point that Kiev does not rule out restoring its nuclear potential. “Apparently, he wanted to scare us, but in the end he created an even heavier atmosphere, which ultimately forced the Russian Federation to launch a special military operation,” he said.
Last week, Ivan Nechaev, deputy press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry, stated that Moscow has no need to use a nuclear option in Ukraine, and that Russia is a responsible nuclear power, which will only use its atomic arsenal if its very existence is under threat.

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🌏💧🇷🇺In the next five years, we will face water wars

State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Fetisov said that a script in which water will be more expensive than oil, literally and figuratively, is closer than we can imagine.

"Water, air, food are the main components of life. We treat water as if there is full of it. But this is the source, we deplete it. Already half of the states in the world buy water. And soon we will buy cans to breathe fresh air," the politician said.

"A liter of water is already more expensive than oil," the host of the program added to his words.

According to Fetisov, oil will sooner or later be replaced by something, but water will not. According to his data, Russia has 30% of the world's clean water reserves and 80% of the world's groundwater reserves. And rather the water, and possibly wood, than gas and oil, are our advantage and the main negotiating tool in the international arena, the deputy believes.


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Het Russische gasbedrijf Gazprom heeft tijdens de eerste zes maanden van het jaar een recordwinst van 2.500 miljard roebel geboekt, omgerekend zo'n 41,6 miljard euro. Het bedrijf maakte bekend dat het om de grootste winst gaat in zijn geschiedenis.



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Uit het artikel:

De volledige discriminatie en uitsluiting van Russische burgers is vandaag weer een stap dichterbij gekomen. Het bestaande visumverdrag met Rusland is opgeschort om het Russen nog moeilijker te maken naar de EU te reizen.

Volgens EU-buitenlandchef Josep Borell vormen Russische burgers een ‘veiligheidsrisico’. Hoe Russische burgers de veiligheid in Europa bedreigen maakte hij niet duidelijk.

Een EU-visum kost tot nu toe 35 euro. Een visum werd binnen tien dagen na aanvraag verstrekt. Voortaan zal een visum 80 euro kosten, en zal de verstrekking aanzienlijk langer duren,

Nederland was voor een volledig inreisverbod, maar daar was geen unanieme overeenstemming over. O.a. Duitsland is daar tegen. Dat juist Duitsland tegen is, is met het oog op haar geschiedenis niet verbazend.

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[Doorgestuurd van Russian MFA 🇷🇺]
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🎙 Statement by Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC meeting on situation in Afghanistan

Read in full (

🔹 Let me remind you that the US came to Afghanistan with a special mission - to fight against terrorism. In reality, their arrival to the country only strengthened its status as a hotbed of terrorism and a center for the production and distribution of drugs.

🔹 All our appeals to focus on the growing threat from ISIS in Afghanistan were met with the frantic attempts by our Western colleagues to belittle its scale or completely sweep this topic under the rug.

🔹 We would like to remind our Western colleagues, who have lately preferred to reduce any discussion on Afghanistan to the topic of human rights violations, of the irresponsible actions of the US and NATO military, who indiscriminately targeted ordinary Afghans on a regular basis.

🔹 Russia has been and is consistently pursuing policy aimed at speedy political settlement and national reconciliation in the country.

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De ex-president van Moldavië wil goede relaties met Rusland en de EU.
🇲🇩 Dodon still appeared on the air of the N4 TV channel.

The Chisinau District Court has banned ( the ex-president of Moldova, who is under house arrest, from coming to the studio.

However, the film crew arrived at his home on Thursday.

"Moldova should be governed by figures who will be able to find a common language with both Europe and Russia, and decisions will be made in the interests of the people, and not to please someone," Dodon said.

And he promised to create a new organization if the authorities ban the opposition Party of Socialists.

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