“Specially trained Government Kidnappers with Top Clearance and protection in their assigned task of stealing children, torturing and sexually abusing them... involving them in satanic orgies, bloody rituals, and murder of other children..."

Who would support an intelligence community with this kind of track record?

Is this really how we want our Tax Dollars being spent!?

An anonymous Jeffrey Epstein victim is suing a wealthy Jewish psychiatrist who worked for the prolific pedophile and allegedly “treated” his victims.

In the suit, the Jane Doe claims Henry Jarecki, 91, controlled her as his sex slave and raped her for years after Epstein sent her to Jarecki for psychiatric treatment.

Jarecki owns Norman Island located in the British Virgin Islands just a few miles from Epstein’s infamous Little St. James island.

It's much worse than you imagined.

Do you understand ancient Canaanite "worship" of moloch? It was usually a giant owl statue with human-like arms under its wings, outstretched over a cauldron for fire in its belly. Some say this own altar of sacrifice was 20 feet tall.

A fire was stoked in the owl's belly until its outstretched arms turned incandescent red with heat. Worshippers would bring their living babies and lay them on those red hot arms. The excruciating pain would cause the child to writhe in agony, untill it fell off the arms into the fire below.

Drummers pounded on massive drums to drown out the baby's screams and the wailing mothers. At the same time, worshippers engaged in hetero, homo, and pedo sexual activities in front of the statue.

This is the owl in dark religion and this is the demonic demigod that Jeffrey Epstein took visitors to his underground temple to worship. There were famous, powerful, royal, wealthy people...worshipping moloch on Epstein island.


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