In my interview with Jeffrey Epstein survivor Juliette Rose Bryant, she discusses how the first time she flew on Epstein’s plane, the Lolita Express, to his pedophile island, Little St. James, she was with Sarah Kellen and Andrea Mitrovich (now Andrea Stowell) who worked for the Clinton Foundation. Juliette thought she was brought to the US for her modeling career. When she got on Epstein’s plane, she did not know he was a pedophile and a sex trafficker who would repeatedly sexual assault her, threaten her and conduct abhorrent experiments on her at his New Mexico home the Zorro Ranch. Andrea and Sarah cruelly laughed at her when they watched Epstein grope her on his plane which left her terrified and in fear he would kill her.

It’s beyond notable that Andrea worked for the Clinton Foundation. Fact: The Clinton Foundation sex trafficked children along with Epstein.

The evidence found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, reported by True Pundit in 2016, implicated Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and associates in these crimes:

- Money laundering
- Child exploitation
- Sex crimes with minors (children)
- Perjury
- Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
- Obstruction of justice
- Other felony crimes

In 2018, the Inspector General’s Report confirmed the Clinton’s used their foundation as a front to commit sex crimes against children citing: “Hillary Clinton & Foundation Crime Against Children.”

Watch my full interview with Juliette below. 👇🏻 @DragonAppleB

Candace Owens discusses how the CIA controls Hollywood, how celebrities have handlers and exposes Project Monarch AKA MKULTRA.

In 2020, Mike Smith gave up his career to expose how the CIA controls Hollywood, the media and elite pedophile rings. You can watch Out of Shadows for free here:

Candace also discusses how they tried to do to Kanye “Ye” West what they did to Britney Spears. I exposed how they enslaved Spears and also how they tried to do the same thing to Ye in Slave Princess. Also, it’s no coincidence that the mastermind of Spears’ illegal conservatorship to control her, was Tri Star’s Lou Taylor. She reps most of the Kardashians and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Taylor’s executive, Robin Greenhill, allegedly paid Diddy’s sex workers according to court records. Also, the Kardashians use the same security team Blackbox, founded by former Israeli special forces operator, Edan Yemini, who illegally recorded Spears in her own home and bedroom. Also notable, Justin Bieber recently fired Taylor and Tri Star. You can watch Slave Princess for free here:

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Many accounts here on X are spreading fake news claiming Trump was mentioned in the newly released grand jury documents. This is false. However, guess what, Bill Clinton was mentioned!

In an obvious attempt to smear one of the victims, Palm Beach assistant state attorney Lanna Belohlavek asked an investigator if one of the victims’ made references to being famous and pointed to an exhibit [Exhibit C] of one of her online posts.

The investigator said yes, and added, the victim posted in one of her blogs she would like to meet Bill Clinton.👇🏻

Correcting these accounts posting fake news about the new Epstein release in an attempt to hurt Trump is like playing wac-a-mole. Watch out for this!



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