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BREAKING: NATO now planning to get US troops to the front-line to fight RUSSIA..

What are they thinking?

NATO has disclosed its preparations to deploy American troops to the European frontlines in the event of a full-scale conflict with Russia.

Innovative 'land corridors' are being established to expedite the movement of soldiers through central Europe, bypassing local bureaucratic hurdles.

This strategic setup enables NATO forces to swiftly react should Putin's aggressive actions in Ukraine extend westward.

Reports suggest that these plans also encompass provisions for potential Russian attacks.

In such scenarios, troops could mobilize through corridors in Italy, Greece, and Turkey to reach the Balkans, or alternatively, advance towards Russia's northern border via Scandinavia.

These details were shared by officials with The Telegraph.

SHOCKER: NATO Readies 300,000-Troop Deployment for Russia Crisis.. -POLITICO

NATO is developing plans to deploy 300,000 US troops to the European frontlines in the event of a major conflict with Russia.

The strategy involves creating 'land corridors' to bypass local bureaucracy and ensure a swift response to Russian aggression.

These corridors would facilitate the rapid movement of troops from key ports to pre-planned routes across Europe.

The move is part of NATO's efforts to deter Russian aggression and prepare for potential threats, amid concerns of escalating tensions in the region.


Rutte wordt topman NAVO, Roemeense tegenkandidaat gaat zich terugtrekken​

Mark Rutte wordt de nieuwe secretaris-generaal van de NAVO. Nu ook Hongarije de kandidatuur van Rutte volledig steunt, is alleen nog het wachten op de terugtrekking van de enige tegenkandidaat, de Roemeense president Iohannis. Ingewijden bevestigen aan de NOS dat Iohannis dat op korte termijn gaat doen.


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