What is a Jew?

It uses to mean a practioner of Judaism. But because Judaism has a bloodline to Jacob built into it, it has an ethnic component. Some (wrongly) believe a racial component. However that's based solely on having a Jewish mother which isn't how genes work.
And some converted to Judaism but have no ancestry to the Levant, yet falsely claim they do so that they could steal land from Palestine. We call those TransSemites. The irony is, the people who really do have Hebrew and Canaanite ancestors who originally practiced Judaism but converted to Christianity or Islam are the Palestinians. Thus those who say they are Jews (based on descent) are not. And those who say they are not Jews, are (ancestraly).
Then you have my favorite, the Americans who don't follow Judaism but are Jewish because they are related to a TransSemite who survived the Holocaust. Since victimhood is currency then they are a Jew too.

Lastly is the one that makes zero sense, the "atheist" Jew. These claim they don't have a religion yet they believe the fictional history of that religion, and they accept the arbitrary division of the world into jews and gentiles that is also a concept invented by that self-alienating religion. They might have shaved off Some of the religion but if it isn't all then you're not an atheist your just less religious. Atheist don't believe Solomon or King David stories are any more real then King Arthur and Merlin stories.

Theodore Herzl was an atheist Jew who came up with the idea of Jews stealing Palestine

In 1897 he launched the Zionist Congress which was a worldwide conspiracy to takeoverr Palestine

He was funded by the Rothschilds and other bankers

These atheist Jews convinced millions of Christians that a god they didn't believe in wanted them to have that land

Israel today has nothing to do with biblical Israel. The people who run it have zero line to the biblical Israelites. They are secular Europeans abusing scripture in order to justify their depravity & shield themselves from criticism as they march us towards nuclear holocaust. Wake up.

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thousands of cases of Jews have been accused of blood libel but the most famous is Simon of Trent

The two-year-old boy disappeared but it took the police days for the father to convince police to search the Jewish quarter

He was found brutally tortured to death with his blood drained in the basement of Jews

15 men were convicted and burned at the stake

women were also involved but they weren't allowed to torture so they got light sentences

In history it's hard to know what Is and isnt true but you will find 100’s of stories just like this


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