They say “Zionism is just the belief that Jews deserve a homeland.”

They make it sound innocent and harmless. And honestly, if it were really just that, no one would have any problem with it.

But what they don’t tell you is, to achieve the goal of a Jewish only State (while it’s not the only goal of Zionism), they first must:

❌ Kill, expel and ethnically cleanse the indigenous people of Palestine (first phase before ‘greater Israel’).

❌ Create trillions of dollars in losses in American tax payer money to destabilize the Middle East for Israel’s security (so far more than 3 trillion dollars since 2002 alone and that doesn’t include the cost to EU nations).

❌ Sex traffic children to blackmail politicians and powerful individuals to further Israel’s goals (Epstein). To them, child rape is just a game of politics.

❌ Commit a massive amount of espionage on American soil to steal secrets and profit billions by selling some of those secrets to China.

❌ Build an illegal nuclear weapons program, by stealing American nuclear technology and uranium (Apollo Affair).

❌ Orchestrate the assassination of a U.S. sitting president (JFK) when he wanted to prevent them from getting their hands on nuclear weapons and register AIPAC as a foreign agent.

❌ Infiltrate every major government and institution to maintain influence over virtually everything. Those countries then focus on Israel’s security and interests over their own.

❌ Promote open borders in almost every sovereign society to muddy their roots, and overrun their nation, weaken any sense of patriotism to evade a revolution that fights against the single biggest threat ransacking their country: Jewish supremacy and the Jewish lobbies who control the government and institutions.

❌ Promote degeneracy in every aspect of life; weaken alpha males, encourage female promiscuity, and corrupt young children, and destroy the sense of God. So that it leads to broken homes and a failed society, and overtime that eventually translates to a weak military and a crippled nation.

❌ Create false flags and blame it on another group for political motives, even if such false flags ends in the death of innocent civilians of their own so called “ally” (e.g. USS Liberty, 9/11, etc.).

❌ Create and fund terrorism groups such as ISIS to destabilize the Middle East and create intense hatred towards Muslims so that no one would feel sympathy for destroying the Arab countries.

❌ Control every aspect of hollywood and major networks. (e.i. degeneracy is heavily promoted in movies, Muslims are always associated with terrorists, etc.). Everything is to support the Zionist agenda by manipulating the public opinion.

❌ Control every aspect of MSM; every word is deliberately used to paint an image in your mind. While they call it “news,” it’s actually a weapon of psychological warfare. They also censor every major high traffic sites like Google and social media to control what you see.

❌ Infiltrate the education system, engrave the holocaust in everyone’s memory with intensive study but completely disregard the 20-27 million Russians who died fighting the Nazis, and the 75 million who died worldwide. Keep focus on 6 million Jews through both school text and TV programmings to paint Jews as victims and make it the free pass to justify global terror.

❌ Psyop the world through tremendous indoctrination via different mediums, until even saying “Jew” in any sentence that doesn’t paint them in a positive light is taboo and correlated with antisemitism. Notice how you can easily criticize Christians and Muslims without any repercussions.

❌ Attack anyone who criticizes Israel, get them fired from their job, defame and humiliate them on Jewish organizations like Canary Missions, dox them, and sometimes even go as far as shutting down their payment processors, their banks, and even their basic apps like uber and Whatapp, etc.

Ran out of characters.



What an unbelievably powerful meme this is.

Once you know you know.
There’s no going back.

You crossed The Rubicon of Hummus.

At the Head of every major institution in your life is a guy with a tiny hat whether you can accept that Truth or not.

Or that company is owned by a bigger company who is owned by a guy in tiny hat.

They are the Cabal.
The Elite.
The Final Bosses.
The Satanic Cabal.

Baby sacrifices?
What do you think “Planned Parenthood” or “Abortion Rights >Babies Lives” means?

Multiple Genders?
It’s Jewish folks.

Judaism teaches 8 genders including Tr**nies.

This is who is infecting the current youth of our times brains with soul destroying nonsense about non binary bullshit or they/them pronouns.

It comes from the Talmud and Torah.

The Jewish Messianic Prophecies is where their Messiah takes over the world through war then hands control over to a group of Rabbis only to have them anoint him “King of the World” after he achieves the building of the Third Temple.

It’s all a big story that any Jew will happily take the time to explain to you.


“The tiny hats win and humanity become willing slaves to the Jews forever.”

Jews believe this.

This is how they see it going down.
Look it up if you think I’m lying.

The Jewish Messiah is the Christian Anti Christ.

Even freakier?

There are a lot of Israel based Jews saying their Messiah is ALIVE and amongst them now working as a Rabbi.

All these crazy world events happening right now are the preparation for the Jewish Messiahs arrival.

New country must be gained.(Gaza)
Old scores with ancient enemies must be settled.(Iran)

Israel has an agenda.
A list of priorities.

Priority one is to destroy all the countries who pose a threat to Israel’s future World Ruling Role.

That’s you America.
You are being dismantled in real time.

Once you see the Head of the Serpent you can never unsee it.

Tel Aviv folks.

There are no secret European families controlling the Rabbis of Israel.

They are “Gods Chosen”.
It’s their destiny to rule humanity openly.

Remember who has traditionally controlled all the major European countries?

Rome has.

Then after the empire fell Rome continued its control through the Vatican which directed hundreds of years of Crusading destruction of the Middle East.

But when the Senior Rabbis meet the Pope who kisses who’s ring?

If you answered everyone greets the Pope by kissing his ring.

You are wrong.

He kisses the Jews hands and acts submissive to their power.

This is why it’s more important than ever to analyze Trumps relationship with these Tiny Hat Sorcerers.

I’m not sure why everyone is giving Trump a pass on this and just hoping for the best.

Kind of like how everyone is still ignoring the rigged voting machines and hoping for the best.

Because we can all agree now once and for all on this point.

The Jews, and through them, Israel answers to no one.

There is no external group with the power to rein them in.

Not the U.N.

Nobody has that power.

You see this is what you need to be able to do to Control or even Influence Israel.

You need to be able to call them out on the world stage and overcome the [H] counter argument.

This is how that argument goes.

“Oh you want Israel to do what you want right?
You want to be able to control us?
Gods Chosen People?

The last time we allowed people to control us 6 million of us were executed.

Not in Auschwitz, not in Gaza, never again.


It’s a doozy isn’t it.
It’s worked for 50 years.

It’s become so powerful that it’s now used to manipulate discrimination and hate speech law to not just validate Jewish propaganda but also to criminalize any differing opinions.


Free speech is dying.
The 1st Amendment is dying.

This is exactly why the Founding Fathers gave Americans the 2nd Amendment.

Just in case the 1st failed.

Get ready for some pre-election craziness.

Keep loaded for bear…..just in case.


A snapshot in history

After the Zionist congress in 1897, the Ashkenazis had built up around 6% ownership of the land of Palestine - but they wanted more.

So, on April 9th - 1948, They upped the ante, & tried terrorism👇👇

2 Zionist gangs - The Irgun, and the Stern gangs, raided and murdered 250 men, women and children - at night, in the village of Deir Yassin

The leader of this attack, was a Menachem Begin - who would later become Prime Minister of Israel

He had this to say about the expansion of Israel by force

"The massacre was not only justified,but there would not have been a state of Israel, without the 'victory', at Deir Yassin"


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