The reason Trump was fined was $354 million is the judge said he overvalued his property

The judge with no real estate knowledge decided Mar-a-Lago is worth $18 million dollars

The real estate experts at Forbes determined it was worth $350 million

How can a judge just make up nonsense numbers like this?

This man needs to be in jail

I know I’m late but I finally looked over the details of the Trump case and it is bananas

There is no victim and the bank said they would be happy to work with him again

Trump wanted a loan and went to a bank and said he’s worth $4.9 billion

The bank sent experts and they said they would feel comfortable with it at least $2.6 billion

The experts never said he wasn’t worth 4.9 just didn’t feel comfortable with that number

Trump was fined over 350 million for fraud

Where was the fraud?

How can a judge do this if no one was defrauded?

Truckers are joining together to boycott New York in solidarity with Donald Trump.
A trucker from Pennsylvania explains how around 25% of truckers from his company are refusing to ship into NYC.
This is going to hurt the communist state of New York.
We the People have the power!
"If a bunch of independent truck drivers start doing this, New York City will feel a pinch real quick."


"New York, New York, New York, now the truckers aren't trying to deliver your produce, your goods, for three years.

Y'all think groceries are high now. Y'all better respect that MAGA crowd.

They're not playing around. Keep f**** around, you gone find out, New York."

Source: @TaraBull808

Flashback to the 2020 election.
A water valve burst occurs in the middle of the night as Trump was on the verge of victory in Fulton County, Georgia.
The vote was stopped.
Technical glitches happened.
Suddenly, Biden surged ahead and won the state by only .2% of the vote.
Governor Kemp called for a signature audit but then suddenly his daughter's boyfriend died in a fiery car crash and this never took place.
Now Fani Willis, the district attorney of that exact same county, is working to take down Trump as she has been caught hiding money in her house, going on lavish vacations, while she simultaneously installed her lover as the prosecutor in the case.
I'm sure this is all nothing.

The SEC just approved the merger for Trump's social media company.
In other words:
Trump is about to rake in the cash despite the fact that the entire system is attempting to drain him of all finances.
Everything they throw at him ends up failing and now he's about to become even richer than before.


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