So, yeah.
About this document.

I trust everyone understands the enormity of what this confirms in no uncertain terms.

A little over two months BEFORE his 2016 election victory, President Obama straight up asked GCHQ (the UK's intelligence, security & cyber agency) to open an operation to spy on DJT.

Many of us have known this for years, but the confirmation changes all the math because it's not speculation, not anymore.

With nearly two months left as a dead-beat President and ust before DJT's inauguration in Jan 2017, Barack leveraged the expertise of one of the finest intel organizations in the world to side-step the Donald's Consitution rights, and target him for surveillance.

👉While he was running for president mind you

This is nothing short of a legitimately jaw-dropping development, folks. But make no mistake, the confirmation feels good, man.

h/t @chiIIum

I want to take this time to personally thank @JoeNBC for stating that Spygate is “no more accurate than Pizzagate.”

As the truth about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and associates spying on President Trump continues to be a proven fact — one that the worthless media labeled as yet another “conspiracy theory” for years, no less! — more and more people will now realize that Psycho Joe and his Mockingbird Media assets also lied about Pizzagate.

So again, thank you @JoeNBC for being stupid enough to compare this to Pizzagate. Anyone with minimal critical thinking skills will now logically conclude that since you lied about Spygate, you also lied about Pizzagate.

On a final note @JoeNBC — I have a sneaking suspicion that the “conspiracy theories” about your murdered staffer will also turn out to be true. Time will tell. ⏰

🎥 @AwakenedOutlaw @DanScavino

There are lots of accusations that have been lobbed at who I believe to be a good man and a great patriot.

Now some may disagree, and they're entitled to their opinion, but instead of making assertions that Trump himself doesn't make, I tend to prefer taking him at his word.

Not sure when agreeing with Trump equated to standing against him, but I'm not the one weaving overly complicated yarns.

The fact is DJT does a pretty damn good job telling us who he doesn't like...even famously gifting them derogatory nicknames to mock them.

Everyone knows this.

That being said, if you can watch this and come away thinking Trump doesn't support Gen. Flynn then you live in a different reality than do I.

h/t @LiveFreeOrDieF3

The pervert judge is now ordering Trump to pay over 350 million dollars in the latest New York Civil Fraud case.
I'm hearing many judicial experts claim that Trump will likely be able to appeal this ridiculous ruling but think about what we are seeing here:
The entire judicial system, the uniparty, the establishment are persecuting Trump for exposing them all and showing the world the truth about Washington DC.
Trump will go down as one of the most beloved figures in American history.
The people who assaulted him at every turn will be known as villains, pedophiles, and low lives. This is a fact.
People will see through this sham.
They are waking up more every single day.
Take heart.

History books are going to forget people like Fani Willis ever existed unless to mock them.
But Trump will be remembered for decades to come as the man who exposed the heart of the evil residing in Washington and put his life on the line to save the children.
The man who had the courage to pull the curtain up and reveal the uniparty corruption within our halls.
For this, he is being persecuted to no end.
Who will end the endless?

Trump will go down as an American hero.
My heart goes out to him and I honor him for putting up with more bullshit than I've ever see any one person take.
It's mind boggling how many slings and arrows he's endured for We the People.
These cruel and unjust attacks make him sympathetic to millions who might otherwise not awaken from their comatose state.
What the enemy means for evil, God will use for good.
A man with such incredible courage.
God bless you, Donald Trump.
Those of us who are awake truly love and appreciate you.

Let’s do some math.

President Trump has been ordered to pay $83.3m and $354m.

Combined its $437m. Including interest, it could be another $100m.

His net worth is estimated to be between $2b to $2.6b.

That’s estimated to be between 21% to 27% of his net worth.

However, experts have claimed that Trump has somewhere between $600m to $700m is in cash. Trump has said that he only has $400m in cash.

This may seem like a lot to the average person but not when you’re being asked to pay $537m in damages + interest.

This doesn’t include the legal fees that have been pilling up as well as the fines his two sons received.

If he chooses to appeal, he would have to secure a bond by putting up about 10% of the total amount owed.

That could be $44m which he may not get back.

In other words, this non sense decision and insane dollar amount by the judge could deplete Trump’s savings anywhere from (-$137m) to $163m.

Love him or hate him, this is what it means.

1. Thirty years from now, a woman can come out and falsely claim allegations against YOU, and if the judge hates your politics, they will believe her and made up any number to destroy your life savings.

2. If you build your wealth through real estate, and pay back all your commitments to banks, buyers and sellers, a judge who hates your politics could make up any number to deplete YOUR life savings and prevent you from doing business.

So what does this do to capitalists and those with aspirations to run in the future.

1. Scare the crap out of great future candidates.

2. Eliminate anyone’s family from supporting their father or mother from running.

3. Distance family members from those who choose to run to avoid being sued. Notice which of Trumps kids got sued and who didn’t.

4. Make the candidate rethink why they ever chose to run in the first place and ruin the lifestyle of the rich and famous they once had.

Or last but not least it could ENERGIZE an entire new generation who love 🇺🇸 to realize how much trouble she’s in to fight like hell and defend the the values this nation was built on.

This requires a certain level of courage that words can’t describe.

This won’t be a fight for everyone.

You’re going to have to have a few screws missing to get in this fight.

But what is FREEDOM worth to YOU?

That’s the most important question one has to ask.

God is good.

Future looks bright!


Trump heeft eigen sneakerlijn: 'Stond lang op mijn verlanglijst'​

De Amerikaanse ex-president Donald Trump heeft zijn eigen sneakerlijn gepresenteerd. Dat deed hij tijdens de Sneaker Con in Philadelphia. De gouden sneakers, die 399 dollar per paar kostten, zijn nu al uitverkocht.

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