The Great Awakening

Over een ontevreden raaf die zichzelf te veel met andere dieren vergelijkt en daardoor niet in de gaten heeft dat hij eigenlijk vrijer is dan de andere vogels, die door mensen in gevangenschap worden gehouden.
Operation Crimson Mist | Genocide Uganda Oeganda Tutsis Hutus
"Electronic Rage" (Electronische Razernij)
Extra Low Frequencies (ELF), psychotropic weapons

Scott Kesterson ( Operation Crimson Mist
download podcast:

Hij legt uit: [ze] kennen elke frequentie en wat die in de hersenen doet ook de frequentie om mensen in razernij te krijgen. Dit hebben [ze] gedaan na eerst "op de grond" voorwerk te verrichten. 'Toevallig' stort ook het vliegtuig met de president en top van Afrikaanse landen neer.
Ook in Iraq gebruikt: (a) een groep hoorde de stem van Allah (b) van de andere groep werden de ogen / hersenen gekookt.
Helaas is dit nog uit mijn begintijd waar ik link / videos niet bewaarde. Het was in dit geval een Senator in de Amerikaanse Senaat die ermee kwam.

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise
Give me the money and three months”, she boasts, “and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of 80 per cent of the people in this town without their knowing it. Make them happy, or at least they’ll think they’re happy. Or aggressive.”
"Geef me de fondsen en 3 maanden ... en ik ben in staat om het gedrag van 80% van de mensen te beïnvloeden zonder dat ze het weten. Ik maak ze gelukkig, of tenminste denken ze dat. of ik maak ze agressief".

Sounds like Klaus Anal Swab ... "You will own nothing, but be happy."
Klinkt als Klaus Swaffel Schwab "U zult niets bezitten en gelukkig zijn."

By Joe Vialls (op meerdere website ge(her)post):

Amazing Polly


DEW & Microwave weapons



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Gregg Philips is een absolute normie als het om Poetin en Oekraine gaat:

Me and Gregg Phillips had a back and forth. It reminded me of talks I had with my parents where I’m trying to explain the Putin situation. IMO he’s more normie than anon but he’s a solid patriot.

I will keep a close eye on him though because he did make a post supporting a pro-nazi soldier and he’s been pushing a pro-Ukraine narrative.

Half of what is necessary for winning an Information War is to get people to stop acting like they are losing it.

Stop letting the people who lost the election talk to you as if you are the minority.

March around Jericho and blow your Trumpet instead.

Knowledge is half the battle . . . Swagger is the other half.

"The Q drops were designed make Patriots Passive and Complacent" - says an endless array of idiots who ACTUALLY do nothing.

Scratch that, they spend most their time attacking people on their own side which is actually WORSE than doing nothing.

While people inspired by the Q drops work tirelessly to expose and destroy the Legacy media. Doing digs, calling out mistakes, calling out hypocrisy, writing articles, putting together REAL daily News Programs, Making Documentaries and on and on...

I wish the stakes weren't so high, the sheer irony would be comedy gold 😂

Before Trump came along, the globalists had America involved in one foreign military adventure after another every single day for the past 70 years straight.

We all know the military industrial complex didn't want their perpetual gravy train to come to an end.

They didn't stop by choice, so why is it that now that these people are supposedly in power again, resident Brandon seems powerless to start the war machine back up for them?

What changed? 🤔

Logical thinking always wins.

Watch this excerpt from Matt Walsh's new film and learn how corrupt and evil people helped craft the onslaught that children are experiencing today in regards to gender confusion.
The elite design much of this on purpose and implement certain ideas into society with the sheep unknowingly receiving it from pedophiles and corrupt perverts.
This is all part of the Great Awakening. We see clearly what they have done and there is hope to stop the tide. Especially with God on our side. #SaveTheChildren

Highly recommend watching this movie. It's an eye opener.

De film heet What's A Woman?. Heeft iemand een link naar de volledige film?


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