Stop de Lockdown

Andrew Cuomo is being subpoenaed by a congressional subcommittee for his nursing home genocide which he committed during the Covid plandemic. He purposely directed Covid positive patients into nursing homes which lead to a drastic increase of deaths.
If you don't think his actions were malicious, then you haven't been paying attention to how corrupt our so called leaders really are.
3 years ago, Cuomo, said he takes responsibility for the "information void" and that "conspiracy theories" were thriving because misinformation.
He told the public that everything was done by the best minds of the business yet it doesn't take a rocket scientist or medical professional to realize that you shouldn't send infected patients into nursing homes, into the most vulnerable of us all.
To put it frankly, Cuomo killed the elderly in New York. And for what reason? To inflate the numbers? To force us to keep the states closed so that they could further implement their mail in ballot scheme?
The truth is that what happened during the pandemic was pure evil and we have yet to see true justice occur to the players complicit in these crimes. May they continue to feel the heat.
We the People want answers.
The letter to Cuomo states that "You have repeatedly and consistently dismissed, deflected, or ignored all questions and requests from the Select Subcommittee related to your handling of nursing homes," "Your unwillingness to seriously cooperate with our requests and to negotiate a reasonable date to participate in a transcribed interview has unjustifiably delayed our investigation. This is unacceptable."

To do what they did to us they should have mountains of undeniable proof the tyrannical lockdowns, requiring vaccination for employment, and destroying the economy were all necessary.

Yet, over time, the data couldn't be clearer that covid posed no danger to 99% of us, and the vaccines weren't safe, effective, or necessary.

No amnesty.


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