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Hieronder een tekst van Lee Bracker over de healingaspecten van rebirthen in warm water.

Dit is o.a. goed voor mensen met emotionele en lichamelijke blokkades en met name ook voor mensen bij wie de hersenen niet (meer) goed in contact staan met het lichaam.

Bij Anorexia zou het goed werken bijv.

Door rebirthen in (warm) water word je eigenlijk gereset: je ervaart je geboorte opnieuw als het goed is met het rebirthen, maar dan zonder traumas.

Het is eigenlijk een vorm van positieve hersenspoeling.

Het heeft een helend effect op mensen.

Men wist dit ook in religies: denk aan het gebruik van de doop, maar de exacte kinesiologische en helende uitwerking ervan op het lichaam en de geest is onvoldoende bekend.

Het gaat er dan vrij vertaald zelfs ook om dat je op dna- en celniveau onaangename dingen van je afgooit die je daarna dan niet meer met je mee hoeft te torsen.

Herinneringen slaan zich op in organen en je lichaam: en je torst het mee en kunnen je in de weg staan om een vrij mens te zijn.

Lijkt mij een aangenaam idee om die dingen van me af te mogen gooien: althans alle onaangename lading ben ik liever kwijt dan rijk.

Beter dan in het oneindige in psychotherapie in dezelfde cirkeltjes blijven hangen (Been there, done that).

Hier de links naar de teksten:

Hieronder wat passages:

For people who have had a complete brain disconnect they can now benefit from water rebirthing as long as it is as close to the in utero experience and where the body conforms to its gestation position just before birth. This is the fetal position which completes an EMF (electromagnetic field) and it is our first memory with a surrogate host.

I felt that submerged water rebirthing in the fetal position that recreates the in utero experience would merely..

1. Cure Anorexics and Bulimics. That meant that I thought and continue to feel that correct position water rebirthing had the potential of healing 100%.

2. Treat those afflicted with mild to severe across the board psychological problems.

3. Effectively unlock the mind that had gone undergone mind control programs.

If modern medicine learns that water rebirthing done properly will completely refresh the brain’s neural network to factory settings and allows an individual to fully heal, they’d fold over night.

[...] the idea behind rebirthing is to recreate the traumaless experience before the first birthing problem when at birth occurs. From there the brain is reset. It now has the ability to take in clean ‘software’, or pleasant memories in the form of normal life experiences without the encumbrances of traumas. Whatever life issues are happening to the person in adulthood are easily navigable in the sense that there are no psychological blocks impeding that persons movement through them. This would be where conventional therapies are needed – if at all.

I now knew that what happens during a water birth is that the myriad of memories embedded in the matrix of the DNA of each and every memory aspect (or more) of the brain cells are taken away. This happens all at once with one single therapeutic experience.

From this point once the brain has ‘rebooted’ from scratch in a factory ‘out of the box’ condition can the brain freely communicate with the body in order to begin and continue healing.. everything.

Interestingly enough, this is the true nature of brain washing. But, it is the pure essence of the action and not what it has been stereotyped to be. It is not meant to turn a person into a robot imprisoned by mind control. We are washed clean of the miserable anchors and ‘loops’ that keep us in perpetual holding pattern having never landed the plane. I think that daily, millions upon millions would like their brains washed. Many do so using synthetic analogues that are dangerous to a healthy mind.

The treatment has been hidden in plain sight all this time. The problem is, we’ve known it, but not the instructions as to the correct way to perform a water healing. These practices have been termed many ways, but the most common is water re-birthing. I call the treatment “Warm Water Re-Birthing”. Now that I feel the I’ve rediscovered what our ancestors always commonly knew, it can be reintroduced back to society freely. I care not of revenue to enrich myself beyond my means.. all I want is to offer hope to those who get none. Otherwise, I would never have posted the answers here and in the first of a three part series (the youtube above) at all. I wish for people to utilize or continue administering contemporary methods of healing whether it’s the choice of an individual to use western medicine although I disagree with it, with the hope he or she steers towards natural healers. I would like all to know that to succeed.. this therapy must be conducted at the start of a healing program. If you do this simple procedure, you will find liberation from fear, anxiety, and the routine of continued therapy. We get too comfortable visiting the doctor or therapist forgetting we’re broke and broken hearted. The solution is swift, effective, and most of all a loving experience devoid of trauma and repetiveness. In fact, we become free from all life’s accumulation of trauma pain in an instant. This is a miracle.

I discovered a way to unlock the brain’s barriers that prevent one to heal on all levels. While human beings can attain what seems to be a full recovery at a glance and on a surface using medical treatments and drugs, there is the possibility that one may relapse back to whatever disease was ‘conquered’. What if there is a way to establish a staying point? What if there is a way to make it permanent?

I received the gift of knowledge from a fellow research scientist with a basic understanding of a particular fool proof treatment for Anorexia nervosa. I invariably became the first person in the United States to discover the precursor to all inclusive healing. Where at first I assumed that it was the treatment for extreme eating disorders with Bulimia nervosa being the antithesis of anorexia, I also felt there had to be more.

“I always found it silly when they sprinkled water on people in church. I had remembered in films in which these rebirthing scenes would take place and people held their breaths and were pushed down until they almost drown. How redundant of an activity. In the days of truth, they used reeds to breath through and were most likely cradled by someone until they finished an underwater meditation in the fetal position.” – author

Baptism has been part of Christianity from the start, as shown by the many mentions in the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline epistles. Christians consider Jesus to have instituted the sacrament of baptism. How explicit Jesus’ intentions were and whether he envisioned a continuing, organized Church is a matter of dispute among scholars. The truth is, water rebirthing is nature’s first step in a total miraculous healing.. it has been masked in plain sight in a cartoonish styled illusion of deception by the church. This is why scholars bicker amongst each other.

Rebirthing bij Anorexia Nervosa

If the subject who had been victimized by a sexual assailant during puberty, that person may likely manifest the disease Anorexia nervosa. The condition is characterized by self-starvation provided that there is an event that occurred at birth. What I didn’t know is that the primary trauma actually does begin at child birth and not the molestation itself. The premise is this; physical trauma to the body remains resident within the organ or tissue. It must be removed. Therefore, the common thread among men and women who manifest the critical disease is that they had experienced a problematic birth that remained festering when a secondary traumatic event occurred. These birthing defects can happen in many ways, but for the most part it happens to the infant or the mother who has some sort of health or mental problem that transfers to the birthing infant. This is why not all people who are sexually assaulted enter into the abyss of this magnitude.

While the issue with the birth may not affect the child into adulthood, the trigger for food related issues manifests if the child is abused usually at a young age, but does happen at any time during adulthood. That person begins to rationalize the traumatic event with an across the board reaction that is shared by 95% of women who are affected. They feel that they have no control over anything other than their own body. Anorexia nervosa then is characterized by self-starvation, deprecation, deprivation and aversion to normal sexual desire, etc. The condition evolves into a completely obscured self-image complex.

While many books and articles have been written on the topic, it would not be important to isolate the exact degree and name tag of a medical term to a person based on their uniqueness. It would be as if one is dehydrated and there are ten different problems that stem from it, but to waste time defining the ten problems through weeks of assessment, just drink water! The body will take the water and do what it needs to begin fixing the ten issues. We don’t need to be anal retentive about the efficacy of water to get the job done. Just use it!

The body and mind must be rebooted using water therapy

that simulates in utero conditions. Once the therapy begins and depending on the person, a fresh start happens where the mind becomes cleared of the trauma before being born and the sexual trauma. The religionists who conduct re-birthing in the form of ‘born again’ practices were right all along. For me, I’m focused on the health aspect.

In simple language, the subject re-experiences what it is like to be in the womb. Warm, dark, soothing, tumbling, fetal position.. in the mommy. The action of re-birthing before both traumas clears the mind, thus, the subject can continue through their life into adulthood from having been trapped in the mindset of a youngster. S/he can move right through the sexual abuse to the age that they have become. That person can now go through treatment and psychological therapy without the cycling of the event, the life lived, and so become reborn into a fresh learning experience of self. It’s as simple as this.

Ik heb vaak gedacht aan rebirthing, maar daarbij komt direct de angst dat het bij mij toch niet werkt om de hoek kijken. Het is toch een soort hypnose, of tenminste een andere bewustzijnsstaat waarin je gebracht wordt. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat een therapeut mij niet in zo'n staat krijgt. Zijn er meer mensen die dit herkennen?

Hallo Moondust, ik heb mijn geboorte wel in hypnose-psychopraattherapiesessies herbeleefd: meerdere malen: ook met als doel om de lading van onaangename opgeslagen lading op de herinnering aan die ervaring eraf te krijgen.

Maar dat is denk ik wel anders dan rebirthing: dan wordt het een algehele geest-lichaamsbeleving.

Ik kan in elk geval niet zeggen dat ik sindsdien voor mijn gevoel echt duidelijke blokkades ben kwijtgeraakt jammer genoeg.

Ik zou persoonlijk niet zoń moeite hebben om te rebirthen: dus om me over te geven aan de ervaring.

Echter, ik weet niet zo goed of ik al verwacht dat het me echt gaat opleveren dat blokkades weggaan.

Dat lijkt me wel echt the bomb, als dat zo zou zijn, daar niet van.

En zoveel kleerscheuren kost het niet om het een keer te gaan proberen.


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