PUTIN: “It was they who started the war in 2014. Our goal is to stop this war. And we did not start this war in 2022. This is an attempt to stop it.”

Putin identifies the coup, or overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014, as the initial provocation that sparked the conflict.

“CIA did its job to complete the coup... But the political mistake was colossal.”

“We did not agree to NATO’s expansion, and moreover, we never agreed that Ukraine would be in NATO.”

Putin on Nazis in Ukraine and Being Celebrated in the Canadian Parliament

• Zelensky visited Canada and the Canadian Parliament introduced a Nazi and everyone applauded this man

• Putin says Zelensky is a Jew by nationality… 🤔

• Tucker says Hitler has been dead for over 80 years, so what can be done about it… how can you control Ukrainian Nationalism?

— Putin replies by saying Yes, Hitler has been dead for 80 years, but his example lives on and again gives the example of the Canadian Parliament given a NAZI a standing ovation, proving his point that we have not uprooted the NAZI ideology. Putin insists that we have to get rid of these people

— Putin also tells the story that during the negotiations at Istanbul, they agreed that Neo-Nazis would not be cultivated in Ukraine, including that it would not be prohibited at the legislative level

Putin Confirms a Coup d'état took place in Ukraine and the US Supported it

Putin describes that Viktor Yanukovych, the first time after he won after President Kuchma, they organized a third round, which was not provided for in Ukraine’s Constitution.

The US supported the coup and the winner of a third term came to power.

Putin Confirms: Denazification Is a Primary Goal of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Tucker asks Putin, “Have you achieved your aims?”

Putin answers, “No, we haven’t achieved our aims yet because one of them is denazification. This means the prohibition of all kinds of neo-nazi movements.”

Putin claims that certain Ukrainian nationalists, such as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, collaborated with Hitler, committing atrocities against Polish, Jewish, and Russian populations.

He condemns the modern-day glorification of these figures in Ukraine, including erecting monuments and celebrating them as national heroes, likening some contemporary Ukrainian nationalist displays to those of Nazi Germany.

Putin argues against the foundation of Ukrainian national identity on what he perceives as Nazi ideology, asserting that Ukrainians are part of the broader Russian people, while also acknowledging their right to self-identify as a separate nation, provided it’s not based on Nazism.

“I say that Ukrainians are part of the one Russian people...but not on the basis of Nazism, the Nazi ideology.”

Putin tells Tucker Carlson that he talked to Zelensky about the Nazis in Ukraine and asked why he was ok with that when “your own father” fought against the Nazis during WWII.

“I said, Volodymyr, what are you doing? Why are you supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine today while your father fought against fascism? He was a frontline soldier. I will not tell you what he answered.”

Putin Says the N*zi Ideology Lives On, Calls Out Zelenskyy & the Canadian Parliament

“You say H*tler has been dead for so many years, but his example lives on. People who exterminated Jews, Russians, and Pols are alive. And the current President of today’s Ukraine applauds them in the Canadian Parliament. Gives a standing ovation. Can we say that we have completely uprooted this ideology if what we see is happening today? That is what den*zification is in our understanding. We have to get rid of those people who maintain this concept and support this practice.”

Who do people think it was sending $ and arms and training Ukrainian soldiers [including actual NAZI units] to attack the Donbas civilians since 2014?

Space Aliens?

It was fucking NATO, people.

Who was preparing to seize Crimea, when Russia shielded it? Then planned to use the Ukrainian military to go seize it from Russia anyway?


It was fucking NATO, people.

Who was funding and controlling bioweapons labs right on Russia's doorstep in Ukraine and loudly insisting they weren't there when Putin complained about it?

You already know who it was.

Putin sought diplomatic solutions to the war crimes in Donbas committed by Nazi units and the biolabs on his doorstep for more than 8 years.

He was repeatedly told at the UN to quit fucking lying about there being Nazis in Ukraine committing war crimes against the civilians of the Donbas and quit fucking lying about imaginary biolabs in Eastern Ukraine.

Well guess what? He wasn't lying. NATO was. NATO still does.


Tbf tho , the context was needed.

Ukraine was never an independent country until the Bolsheviks came in and allowed it to be separated out. Putin wanted it back. He waited this long to go get it bc there wasn’t an opportunity to go up against the three piece suits and cylindrical hats without risking Russia ….until now

"Putin is not good at explaining himself"

Really, Putin was crystal clear. Ukraine is a made up country...it like Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey (all grew bc Kurdistan was divided between them all), Taiwan (Formosa) etc are all artificial countries made up after WW1/2. If you notice those exact same countries are where all the conflicts are its bc it was designed by the same international syndicate that benefits from wars, human trafficking (they call it refugees), drug and weapons trafficking.

As Putin accurately pointed out, if a country thinks they can use 'democracy' and elections to stabilize their country they're wrong. Putin told @TuckerCarlson that if the ppl of a made up country tries using democracy, the CIA will coup the government of the ppl if it isn't ALSO the government the west wants in power. In Ukraine, the CIA did it not once but twice. It is now another failed state. The CIA has done this over 70 times in 70 years. If they can't do it (Russia, Syria) there is no limit on the amount of money or lives that they will throw at the 'problem'.

Tucker's worry of Russia being a failed state IS THE POINT. Failed states allow the CIA to control them to their advantage. Not America's advantage, because the CIA is not controlled by the US government. They are a militia of the international syndicate and works in conjunction with their fellow intel agency peers. The only reason they appear to be in the US government is so they can avail themselves of immunity from prosecution with their congressionally given "NATIONAL SECURITY" stamp on all illegal activities.

You don't live in a republic when your government has billions of documents classified and you can't see what they are doing in your name and on your dime. Especially when everyone involved is dead except the agency lying to you.

I had already selected both Greece and Ukraine to highlight Operation Gladio activities of the CIA prior to Tucker's interview because the 2104 Ukraine and the Greek coup have similar tactics used. We will also highlight the elements they developed here in the US, whose origins are tied to the NAZI network in Ukraine. They are using these created NAZI networks to further steal our freedoms and when you realize its orchestrated to do exactly that you will fully understand the purpose of Gladio.


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