Need Help....Desperately!


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Just call me Krullebol. Fun loving, free-minded, spiritual, dedicated to living a joyous life, and committed to helping others.

Have recently moved to NL.

Would love to find "like-minded" people near/around Tholen (Zeeland Province).

In search of organic farms, stores, produce, etc.

Am interested in "anything organic" work....volunteer, part-time, fulltime, barter, etc.

In search of holistic, gynecologist, general practitioner.

I am grateful for any help, advice, well-wishes, etc.

Thank you!! :)

Hi Krullebol, welcome.

There are not much forum members living in Zeeland. I can't help you but maybe other members can.

Have a good time in Holland.


Hi Krullebol, I am not living in Zeeland so I can't help you a lot but Poekie made a nice list with farms where you can buy raw milk.

The nearest for you is Kruiningen, if you are a very good swimmer it is doable. This is a list with addresses of raw milk known by people of this forum. I think there are more addresses for raw milk.

Poekie made another list for meat but that one is still empty for the province of Zeeland. Maybe in sometime both these lists will be better stuffed.

I recommend you to ask everybody you know if they know a farm or a shop where you can organic groceries.

There has also been another topic about this:

But I don't know how well your dutch is.

Mijn begrijpen is heel goed maar mijn nederlands praten is nog niet goed. Schrijf in nederlands als dat beter is voor jou.

Bedankt voor alle informative.

:) Krullebol

Uit respect voor de privacy van Henk en op zijn eigen verzoek heb ik alle posts verwijderd waarin hij met naam en toenaam wordt genoemd.


@ Krullebol to bad you living in Tholen.

I live near Zeeland, but Tholen is a short hour of distance ;)

Krullebolhairy styl that's nice haha ;)

Good luck with finding organic stores!

Hi Krullebol, For me it is not neccesary to write in dutch. But finding information on the internet where to buy these thing is a lot easier in dutch.

Tholen is relatively close to Brabant (depending where in Tholen you live) so you can also try looking in Brabant for organic stores.

Bergen op Zoom is the closest larger city, I think they'll have an organic supermarket 'ekoplaza'. If you've got a car it's easy to reach. There are plenty of farms on Tholen, I guess asking a farmer if you see a farm is a good start!

But honestly, I think Tholen is a pretty though place to start your life as a foreign immigrant. It's located in the middle of the Dutch bible belt and the communities are pretty closed. Offcourse this depends on how small/large the town is where you live! Health food stores are usually small and don't offer grass fed products or raw milk.


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