artiesten die er wel toe doen....

Rapper Lecrae says he went to Diddy parties and celebrity events where he saw guys "going at it" and big-name celebrity artists having orgies with security guards at the front door. Society has been taught to deify these morally degenerate rappers. First, Katt Williams exposed them, and now this.
People are going to wake up!

"At one particular party, lots of big names. There was an artist there who said, "Hey, Lecrae. Around 1 AM.. Make sure you're not here. You don't want to be here at 1 in the morning.....

I'm headed back upstairs. The music changed. Sensual. On my way upstairs, there's this couch... And on the couch, I saw a couple of guys really going at it hard and heavy. As I started moving upstairs, I passed them up and I noticed that it was more and more people going at it. I was like OK it's time for me to roll.. Was that shocking, absolutely.... Why they felt that comfortable, I don't know.

I've been to another celebrity party. A celebrity tapped me on my shoulder and said, "You might want to go into the other party cause this Cabana, we about to close it up."

There was about three or four big name artists and a whole bunch of ladies started walking in that Cabana and a security guard stood in front of the door..."

Toby Keith was one of the few musicians who had the guts to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017 and refused to back down from the pressure coming from the establishment to reject 45.

At the time, Keith said that many artists were envious that he had the gall to support Trump and told him they had committed to playing at the inauguration but backed down due to pressure.

In 2021, Trump gave Keith the National Medal of Arts.
He was known for his support of patriotism, which our country certainly could use now more than ever.
Rest in Peace, Keith.


Wtf. Kid Rock just said that he saw Paul Pelosi,his son, and many celebrities at the Bohemian Grove by the Moloch statue and Joe Rogan just acted like this was normal.
Are people waking up yet? This kind of rhetoric is literally becoming normal in the public and it's wild to see how far we've come.
"The first evening and you gather around the owl by this lake. It was a long time ago. This is some real secret ass shit man. There is just a trove of celebrities. Everywhere you turn...I had some fun there. It was weird. I met Paul Pelosi and his son. Chris Matthews. Having conversations. Had to play my guitar, I feel so used. It's like an unspoken requirement. You need to take your guitar over there if you want to be in good graces."
This clip is wild.
The conspiracy theorists were right about EVERYTHING.
H/T @gatewaypundit



There’s a ton of bombshells coming out via court documents on Diddy. As @MJTruthUltra points out below, the documents allege Epstein level potential sex crimes tied to the music industry with alleged evidence — including audio and video recordings — exposing sexual assault, blackmail, grooming, trafficking, child rape and even murders.

Furthermore, @BritneyTheStan posted a court record alleging that Robin Greenhill of Lou Taylor’s Tri Star wired money to sex workers for her client Diddy.

Taylor was the architect of the corrupt and illegal conservatorship of Britney Spears. Greenhill allegedly helped run the illegal surveillance of Spears in tandem with Edan Yemini’s Black Box security firm.

Both Spears and Diddy have been photographed with Epstein’s alleged trafficker Rachel Chandler.

Britney Spears, under oath, compared what Taylor and her team did to her to sex trafficking in her 2021 court testimony.

"The only thing comparable is sex trafficking," Spears said.

Was Britney a victim of Epstein’s ring and was Diddy a part of it?

P Diddy is now being accused of sex trafficking akin to Jeffrey Epstein, eliciting underage sex workers, RICO racketeering, and grooming men for sex. Whoa. 🚨
Allegations in a latest lawsuit targeted at P Diddy where he is being accused of "groping men, touching the genitalia and anus" of a male music producer.
"A criminal enterprise where they are all feeding towards this one individuals depravity. Everyone seemed to know and go out and facilitate what Diddy Combs wanted. They call his chief of staff the Ghislaine Maxwell to P Diddy's Jeffrey Epstein saying that this was a total sexual enterprise to feed into his desires."
The lawsuit alleges that Diddy was grooming other men to have sex with men.
"Allegations that Sean Combs and his son were involved in a shooting and that he was told to help cover it up. He was grooming to engage in intercourse with another man. We have these serious sex trafficking allegations that they were eliciting under age sex workers, bringing them across state lines, and RICO racketeering allegations that relates to drug use and solicitation of sex workers."
People need to remember that Diddy was seen colluding with Rachel Chandler, one of Epstein's trafficking puppets in the modeling industry. Not only this, but Diddy was visiting islands very close to Epstein's.
The lawsuit is also suggestion that other rappers around Diddy that people know very well consorting with under age women.
How deep was Diddy in all of this and you have to ask yourself why is it that the protection around him is rapidly disappearing?
The truth is coming out one way or another.
The masses will wake up to this evil, it's inevitable!
For more information read this thread:


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