Amalgams. A cry for help! Please!


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Hello, this is Francis, husband of Ingrid of "converted 2".
As I do not speak Dutch like my wife, may I ask that I communicate with you in English. The American WAP-site does not have a forum such as yours. I value your comments very much, having received much health advice over the last three years from you.
This is really a cry for help.
For more than three years, we have been eating and living the WAP way. Seriously buying and preparing fresh organic food and meats. With lots of farm eggs, raw milk and broth from bones(BB). With health supplements such as adrenal cortex, vitamin E, zinc, brewer's yeast and lots of vitamin C.etc, etc.
Ingrid spends many hours of each day making sure that we eat well and plenty of it. I also watch out what I eat, avoiding all sugars and gluten.
After all this I should be in wonderful health, unfortunately not so.
I suffer with many of the typical symptoms of mercury poisoning; lack of concentration, anger, a foggy head, forgetful, unfeeling, a libido which is not existant, weight loss, depression and anxiety. My health problems are over active thyroid, adrenal fatigue and a leaky gut. My life and my married life is suffering and it all gets worse each year.
The question of mercury poisoning was brought up two years ago. I therefore visted a dentist in the north of the Netherlands, one that was recommended by the forum. Unfortunately his estimate, to replace all my mercury fillings and correct my bite, of 19,000 euros was above my budget, I have a total of 9 amalgams. I then visited a dentist in France and his price was almost the same.
I am desperate to have them removed. Most of my amalgams are large. I have no problem to have my teeth pulled and replaced with false ones.
I do understand that chelation is necessary after the teeth are removed/replaced.
I ask if anyone knows of an alternative solution, such as another country where the work can be done safely, and what materiel for the composit replacement teeth is considered safe. I have been told recently that good dental work is performed in Turkey, but is it done in a safe , non exposure type method. I am retired now, so traveling somewhere at any time is not difficult.
I look forward to hearing your comments and advice.
Thank you, Francis
Hi Francis, have you considered visiting Peter Dros yet ( I think both the price and quality of his work may be to your liking. Peter is lightyears ahead of many of his colleagues, both at home and abroad.

Hi Francis,
Sorry to hear you're not in good health.
I have mercury poisoning myself after having 13 amalgams before for over 30 years.

First things first: you indeed have to get rid of your amalgams in a safe manner.
I went to a dentist in Maasdriel to replace my amalgams, which is much cheaper than the 19.000 euro you mentioned (or was that a typo?). Replacing 10 amalgams (3 were replaced unsafely before somewhere else) with composit and correcting my bite was around 2000 euro. I did also a kinesiologic test there to see what anaesthesia and fillings were best suited for me.

This is the website:
It's in Dutch ofcourse, but maybe your wife can translate it for you (or Google Translate).

Also, it's good to take extra magnesium (around 750 mg), zinc (50 mg), vitamin C (5 to 10 grams) and E (1200 IU) because mercury depletes these big time.

This is my mercury topic on this forum, which is also in Dutch:

After your amalgams are replaced, you can do chelation, but I'll comment on that later (a lot of info about that is also in my topic).

Good luck and you will get out of this as many did!

Hi Mike, thank you for replying so quickly.
In fact it was him that I visited in the Netherlands. 19000€ is way over my budget. Hopefully there will be an alternative solution.

Can someone give me an idea of what the appox. cost of replacing an amalgam filling by a bio dentist?
Many thanks,

Hello Mark. Thank you so much for answering and so quickly.
My wife has been translating to me now for two years of your two topics.
The 19.000 euros was not a typo unfortunately, it was quite a shock when I received the estimate. I must look into it further in the Netherlands if that is the case.
Thank you also for the advice of taking extra magnesium, vitamin C, E and zinc.
Thank you also for the links, I shall keep up on this, I want my life back.
Best wishes, Francis
You went to Peter and he quoted the price as 19,000 euros? Peter is in a better position to judge the amount of wirk and money involved in this, so I can't argue that point. Did he offer a payment plan? After all, he is the absolute best!

Maybe they made a mistake with the estimate. If I would only take the amalgam replacement into account, I think it was even cheaper than I mentioned. Around 100 to 150 euro per replaced amalgam filling. This is apart from photos, bite correction, testing, etc.

I would check out what happened with the estimate.

One advice which you probably already read in my topic: don't take any chlorella or cilantro as a mercury detox.

Hello Francis.

How do you know you have an over active thyroid? Because all your health problems seem to indicate an under active thyroid.

Hello Pike,
I was tested in Amsterdam by Marijn and also by the wife of Peter Dros, both confirmed that I have an over active thyroid. I do have a problem gaining weight and it was also confirmed that I have adrenal fatigue which of course affects the thyroid. For three years I have been taking adrenal, unfortunately due to the mercury in my head it shows little or no improvement. I have good intention to remove the amalgams, I was knocked down however when I received the estimate of 19.000 euros. Ok, that was to correct the bite and rebuild crowns as well. Still a lot. I do not live in the Netherlands, so no dental insurance to help. I will keep trying. Thank you Pike.
If that truly is the amount, I suggest you set up a payment plan with Peter. Since that French dentist pretty much mentioned the same figure, I guess that's the true cost and you'd be better off having this done by Peter.


to replace all my mercury fillings and correct my bite, of 19,000 euros

I understand the estimate isn't just about the mercury fillings. 9 fillings should cost approximately 1,000/1,500 Euros. I think it's the correction of your bite that makes it expensive. You'd better ask the dentist for a specification of the costs.
There's also the possibility of not doing everything at once. My first priority would be to get the amalgams out ASAP, I'd worry about the rest later.

To Mike, 100% leven, Pike and Heksje. Thank you all for your advice and questions.
I am still however confused on the pricing. I live in France and I shall do research here to find a bio dentist. Thank you all. I shall mention it when I find someone to get the lead out.
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