Trump says that Putin did not want to invade but was forced to do so....
He says he has things he could tell them that could negotiate peace within 24 hours but he won't reveal how.
He says he can guarantee that a peace deal will be made.
I wonder what information he is referring to that would cause them to make a peace deal so swiftly?



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Musk assesses public awareness of WWIII risk​

Most people are “oblivious” to the fact that such a conflict could be imminent, the entrepreneur said
Musk assesses public awareness of WWIII risk

FILE PHOTO. Elon Musk. © Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The majority of people are not even aware that a new world war may erupt soon, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has stated. The risk of a global catastrophe was highlighted this week by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The UN head said in a speech to the General Assembly on Monday that he feared that humanity was marching toward a “wider war” with its “eyes wide open” and urged preserving peace.

“Could we please not do WWIII,” pleaded conservative political commentator Luke Rudkowski, reacting to the speech. Musk responded: “Most are oblivious to the danger.”

The Twitter and SpaceX CEO previously warned against “relentless escalation” of the conflict in Ukraine, stating that it was dangerous for the country itself and the world.
World heading into ‘wider war’ – UN chief
World heading into ‘wider war’ – UN chief

Musk won praise for supplying SpaceX Starlink satellite internet systems to the Ukrainian government, with some experts assessing that they were a game-changer in the fight against Russia.

But he also suggested that Kiev would have to make concessions to Moscow in order to achieve peace, a notion that prompted some Ukrainian officials to harshly criticize and even insult the businessman.

Mikhail Podoliak, an aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, claimed last week that Musk was using his control of Twitter to reduce the reach of Ukrainian official accounts and help “Russian propaganda.”

“Maybe a regulator is needed to explain competition rules to the owner?”
Podoliak mused. The Ukrainian official offered no evidence to support his claims or explanation of how his regulatory threat could be carried out.

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