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#TheBeatable18 are MAGA sympathizers in moderate clothing. They won in Biden districts but are now aligned with Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the extremists. In 2024, we’re not letting them get away with it.”

They want TRUMP bc they actually think TRUMP can be beaten by the Dems. They worry Desantis has the ability to beat the Democratic Candidate, Biden or whoever. So if you go research, they are actually putting their advertising & money behind Trump.

So Trump & Desantis Force them to start spending early with the illusion of a divide (although much of MAGA seems to have taken the bait), then Desantis never even announced, or simply pulls out, & they end up only helping, not hurting, Trump.

I don’t think Desantis will even run, but Trump is forcing them to spend their money early… appears they are AGAINST TRUMP, which gaslights MAGA to go FOR TRUMP.

Just my guess, could be way off. But I think Trump & Desantis are aligned together against the Establishment.

You'll notice how Trump continues to use the balloon spy parade as a red pill to his narrative advantage and he's doing it with ease.
Everything that's happened under Biden has served to practically beg the normies to wake up and pay attention.
The Great Awakening cannot be stopped because no matter what the enemy does, they seem to expose themselves at nearly every turn.
This time of precipice is not in vain. It is planting seeds all around the world for those who need them and, like a Phoenix, MAGA will rise again.

Trump is posting pictures of DeSantis with supposed underage girls and asking if it's real or not.
Fitting considering that there is something about this feud that feels fake to me but I can't quite put my finger on it.
It'll be interesting to see how this plays out but I'm open to the possibility of this Trump DeSantis "Fight" being fake or possibly being real.
Where are you at right now?

One of the main reasons why there is such a MAJOR push to keep Donald Trump out of the White House in 2024.

He’s coming back & NOT MESSING AROUND.

Crimes Against Humanity WILL be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Nuremberg 2.0.

JUSTICE will be served.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

This is what Soros said about DeSantis.

Not an endorsement but his implied wish that DeSantis will run and defeat Trump.

The next polls will certainly show a Trump surge after this. Source in FL reports that this is dominating conversation there in political circles.

If y’all really think that Soros wants DeSantis, you’re not thinking.

Soros fears both Trump AND DeSantis. Probably more so the former than the latter.

They are both threats to his worldview and his objectives.

What Soros wants is Trump and DeSantis to have a knock down drag out fight in the primaries.

Unfortunately for Soros, I think DeSantis will be endorsing Trump early on and there won’t be such a fight.

Trump speaking a while back on his return to the White House:

"by that time [2024] the people will be ready for what must be done."

You're damn right we'll be, sir. Anons and patriots in the know are ready, NOW.

Those responsible for Crimes Against Humamity must be brought to justice in front of the world and a new constitutional Gaurd established for our future security.


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