Wordt wel vaker beweerd. Maar Kayleigh McEnany heeft zich tegen Trump gekeerd, net als Jenna Ellis:

Reminder of what Jenna Ellis really thinks about Trump and his supporters.

She didn’t give a damn about Trump until a job opportunity presented itself. She is not one of us.

Laatst bewerkt:
I Read RFK Jr.'s Entire Announcement Speech: Here Are His 5 Best Quotes, In My Opinion

#5 - "Instead of two parties, we have a uniparty, a monster with two faces loudly bickering with itself as it lumbers over a cliff. At the bottom of that cliff lies the destruction of our country."

#4 - "People suspect that the divisions are deliberately orchestrated, and that getting us to hate each other is part of the scam. And they’re fed up with being fooled, and they are ready to take back their power.

#3 - "Americans are angry at being left out, left behind, swindled, cheated, and belittled by a smug elite that has rigged the system in its favor."

#2 - "MY sacrifice is nothing compared to the risk our founding fathers took when they signed the Declaration of Independence 247 years ago right over there. THEY knew that if their revolution failed, every last one of them would be hanged. They chose to place everything on the line. When John Adams put his pen down after adding his signature to the Declaration, he turned to those present and said, 'Sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, from this day on, I’m with my country.' I make that same pledge today, so that I may stand before you as every leader should — free of partisan allegiance and backroom deals — a servant only to my conscience, to my creator, and to you."

#1 - "I am here to declare myself as an independent candidate for President of the United States. And that’s not all. I am here to join all of you to make a new Declaration of Independence for our entire nation. We declare independence from the corporations that have hijacked our government. We declare independence from Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Ag, the military contractors, and their lobbyists. We declare independence from the mercenary media that fortifies corporate orthodoxies, and urges us to hate our neighbors and fear our friends. We declare independence from the cynical elites who betray our hope and amplify our divisions. And finally, we declare independence from the two political parties and the corrupt interests that dominate them, and the entire rigged system of rancor and rage, corruption and lies, that has turned government officials into indentured servants of their corporate bosses. We declare our independence from these corrupting powers because they are incompatible with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that our original Declaration of Independence invoked in 1776."

MK ULTRA is real; it's the same technique the Zionists used on Sirhan Sirhan, programming him to assassinate RFK and blame it on Palestine. Well, Sirhan Sirhan was tackled after firing a few shots, none of which hit RFK. To this day, Sirhan has no recollection of firing his gun; he has undergone lie detector tests and doctor's examination, indicating that his amnesia is geninue.

And these are the facts: RFK was killed from bullets from behind fired by Thane Cesar. who worked for Ace Guard Service, which was the private security hired by the Jewish Zionist owner of the Ambassador Hotel, Junius Myer Schine.

Why are there always Jewish Zionists around when our politicians get assassinated?


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