Strong men are coming back.

There is an energy shift in the world, and conservatism and traditional thought and lifestyles is rumbling back into our world.

Im currently traveling and waiting at the airport gate, here’s some things I just witnessed.

A blue hair masked female walked off the airplane and the entire gate looked at her and collectively did a sigh.

People were looking at each other, winking, nodding, and combining in thought through glances.

What else did I see?

I saw two dudes doing bicep curls with their carry on.

I saw another bro doing pushups in the corner.

Witnessed a couple of weak soy boys and cucks cower in their seats as they understood what’s happening.

I saw a group of young chads, with strong jaw lines, and fit minds hanging out, being loud yet polite and exuding their energy into the area.

I fist bumped them and told them keep up the good work.

Not once saying what that “work” was but them telling me they understand.

They asked me if this was my family, I said yes, and they said they wanna be like me when they get older.

Fit, strong, and family men.

We are starting to take this country back.

If you cant see it, start looking closely.
The weak can feel it.

There time of degenerative behavior, abusive use of influence and weak mindsets destroying men and family is coming to an end.



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