Elon Musk

Elon Musk has done more to help President Trump’s re-election than probably anyone without donating a single penny to his campaign.

By simply buying Twitter/X and allowing free speech to return, Elon’s helped Trump far more than a maximum donation to his campaign ever could. Thanks to Elon, the masses are finally learning the truth about Trump and the criminal Deep State that has been intent on destroying him since Trump announced his first run for presidency. Elon has also been simultaneously single-handedly destroying the legacy “Mockingbird” media that has relentlessly lied about Trump for over 8 years now all while they ran cover for his criminal enemies.

Furthermore, Elon has used his massive platform and reach to put a big spotlight on issues that only help Trump such as voter fraud in the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s border invasion, Pizzagate, Jeffrey Epstein’s client list, Hunter Biden’s laptop and much more.

This should come as no surprise. In 2020, Trump did an interview on CNBC talking about Elon and he cryptically said he has to build a big plant in the United States because “we helped him, so he has to help us.”

As I’ve said before, I firmly believe Elon and Trump have been working together behind-the-scenes for many years. So who cares if Elon doesn’t donate any money to Trump’s campaign, what he’s already given to Trump is invaluable. 💫

So we learn (according to WaPo, mind you) that Trump floated the idea of Elon buying Truth Social during their recent Mar-A-Lago meeting.

Then today, Rumble announced they're "ready to join a consortium with other parties" to buy TikTok if they divest their U.S. business.

Getting the feeling that Elon might be one of those "other parties", and that a TikTok buy may have been the main topic of conversation discussed during Trump & Elon's meeting.

Imagine Trump Media & Technology Group, Rumble and Elon Musk teaming up to buy TikTok 👀👀

Would be a game changer to get U.S. TikTok operations under American control and loosen the data mining and censorship on that platform.

After getting fired by Elon Musk, Don Lemon predictably went onto the View to be consoled and comforted.
They all claimed that Elon couldn't handle the facts and was a conspiracy theorist when it comes to DEI.
No wonder Don got fired.
Once a CNN fake news clown, always a fake news clown.
The ladies chimed in:
"So he just believes in conspiracy theories.
Brother, I think getting fired by Elon Musk you should wear as a badge of honor...
(He's) a toddler child."

Joy Behar then espouses a conspiracy theory after calling Elon a conspiracy theorist:
"I think somebody got to him. He knew what he was getting into..."

Don Lemon was helping CNN to normalize pedophilia eleven years ago.

"Should pedophiles be extended some measure of sympathy. Are we doing enough to identify and help pedophiles before they victimize our children?
People are probably going to send me a lot of hate mail for this. When I see this (convicted pedophile) walk out in handcuffs I did feel a bit sorry for him."
June 27th, 2012


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