Dolfijnen als personen?


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In zijn nieuwste nieuwsbreif kraait Mike Adams victorie over de beslissing van de Indiase overheid om dolfijnen de status te geven van 'niet-menselijke personen':

Ik ben echter nog niet meteen overtuigd van de wijsheid van deze beslissing. Ik ontvang ook de nieuwsbrieven van Dr Rima (natural Solutions Foundation) en dit is wat zij hierover schrijft:


India Gives Dolphins Rights While Yours Disappear

An alert and conscious friend of mine (the kind I prefer, or course) jubilantly sent me an article on the wonderful decision of the Indian government to bestow non-human species rights on dolphins, making their captivity in dophinaria and dolphin shows a crime.

Now, I have swum in the open ocean with dolphins many times and have been humbled and awed by their minds and their beauty. Indeed, they should be protected as precious life on the planet, as should every species.

At the same time, Agenda 21's choking restrictions on human life are being brought ever closer, day by day, law by law, regulation by regulation, smart meter by smart meter, under the guise of conservation and sustainability.

First, conferring rights. Who are we homo sapiens to "confer" rights on anyone? You either have rights, which are inalienable (US Declaration of Independence, if that still means anything) or not. They are not yours, mine, or the government of India's to give since if they are something some authority can grant, they can then be removed by same.

Rights simply ARE and it is our moral and civic responsibility to acknowledge and protect them. We have no moral authority to decide that dolphins have rights and, say, tarantulas do not because most of us like dolphins and do not like tarantulas. They are part of the ecological whole and, as such, are valuable.

But how valuable? The concept that animals and plants have rights and we humans do not is a cornerstone of the murderous and blatantly insane foundation upon which Agenda 21 rests.

The notion is that THEIR rights matter but WE are a cancer on the planet and that OUR rights do not matter. Again, who are we, any of us, to make those judgments?

If God, or Evolution, or Mother Earth or Shiva or Yaweh or the Great Spirit or whatever placed us here, we are all required to act in balance and harmony. If we do not do it, if a species over-grazes or over populates or whatever, no ones' harmony is preserved and we all suffer.

But "granting" rights to a non-human species, however noble the impulse, is opening the door wider to human depopulation and enslavement via the Globalists' mad Genomicidal Agenda, aka Agenda 21.

Under this malicious distortion of good impulses and ideas like 'sustainability' and 'biodiversity' communities, like the dolphin community, have rights (un-authentically granted by, er, whom?) but individuals, like you, have none.

And those so-called rights can be changed, suspended, altered and cancelled at any time by the deciders, among whom George W. Bush famously once styled himself.

The deciders give these rights out in-authentically and capriciously and can take them away on the same basis: in-authentically and capriciously.

Humans have rights, and they are inalienable, as many have asserted over many centuries. If dolphins wanted our human rights they would have asserted so; instead they seek to be what they have been for millions of years, free swimming in an ocean we must all respect and treasure.

Yes, we have vast responsibilities toward other species which we are not fulfilling very well. This must stop. The "Genomicidal Technologies" that are uninsurable and truly unsustainable must end.

Dolphins swimming in the Pacific are dying out, or will die out, of cancer, brain damage, cardiac damage and infertility. Fukushima. What of their supposed rights?

Read this,, and weep. You can weep for the dolphins, but you had best weep for yourself, for your family and for your earth.

This, of course, is what the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation have been saying since March 11, 2011.

Here are our Fusushima Failure Webinar, , and General Bert's original Fukushima Urgent Warning , .

Read them. Your life is, quite literally, at stake. Your rights have already been violated when Fukushima and all the other nuclear reactors, including the one in your back yard, were built.

Inalienable rights? Not with Vaccines on the Prowl!

And now people like you with families like your are being damaged again, with vaccines. Why?

Check out Don't Delta Me, Dude, , then join the Delta Project. Get 21 of your contacts to do that, too.

That's your right!

Go to now and download the free book about Agenda 21 there if you have not already done so.

Then send the link,, to your 21 contacts and ask them to do the same.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Klinkt mij veel zinvoller in de oren!


Ik begrijp eruit dat eigenlijk iedereen (mens en dier) al 'rechten' heeft maar dat een hogere macht wil beslissen welke rechten wie of wat heeft of krijgt.

Het is dus inderdaad puur machtsvertoon.

Alle dieren en mensen horen vrij te zijn en niet opgesloten in dierentuinen of dictatoriale landen etc.

Ook moeten mensen vrij zijn om te kiezen voor geen of wel vaccineren. Die vrijheid is er in principe wel maar dat weet men niet.

Natuurlijk is het goed als mensen opkomen voor dieren in gevangenschap maar het moest niet nodig zijn.



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