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Ter ere van Barry Groves dan deze uitstekende presentatie.

In Memory of Barry Groves (1936-2013)


Here’s the rundown…

1:27 Chaotic dietary recommendations and the rise in chronic disease.

3:00 What are we designed to eat?

4:30 Wild animals don’t read diet books or hire personal trainers!

5:25 Why body typing is nonsense.

6:38 Which mammals are designed to eat a high-fat diet?

7:43 How a gorilla’s low-fat diet is NOT a low-fat diet…

10:21 How a ruminants high-carb diet becomes a no-carb diet!

12:42 Why carnivorous animals prefer the fatty parts of their prey.

13:42 Primitive human cultures also ate and preferred high-fat diets.

14:55 Where should our dietary fats come from?

15:20 All primates are NOT vegetarians!

16:28 Primates have been reclassified as omnivores.

17:27 Cave paintings depict hunting, not fruit-picking…

18:08 What ancient poop can tell us about the human diet.

19:30 The impact of climate change on the human brain.

23:10 Why vegetable fats are suitable for brain development.

24:30 Kleiber’s Law.

26:30 Where does energy for the brain come from?

28:19 Small brain, big gut. And the other way around…

29:50 How the Lord dissed Cain’s fruit offering but accepted Abel’s fat.

32:48 Greek meat-thology. 🙂

34:43 The dietary wisdom of cannibals…

37:49 What Mediterraneans really eat!

40:10 Historical causes and modern evidence for a shrinking brain.

43:40 Ancel Keys and his fraudulent CHD data.

44:46 How does an old-fashioned food cause a brand new disease?

46:38 How can you have a fat-free cream when cream is fat?

47:10 The incredible shrinking vegan brain.

49:34 Civilized man is the planet’s only chronically sick animal!

51:59 The answer to our problems.