Re: The Mood Cure



In het boek The One Minute Cure, dat je hier kunt downloaden…:

…staat het volgende te lezen over de bijzonder negatieve uitwerking van stress:

Given the

fact that bio-oxidative therapies flood the body with oxygen;

and in turn, efficiently deliver that oxygen to the blood;

which in turn delivers that oxygen to the cells—and given

the fact that a high level of tissue oxygen creates an

environment that kills viruses, harmful bacteria, pathogens,

toxins and diseasemicroorganism, while revitalizing normal

cells—shouldn’t everyone be healed?

The answer is yes—but only IF the cells are able to

receive the oxygen delivered by the blood. When the cells

are open, they will be able to receive the oxygen, and your

body will then be equipped to heal itself. If the cells are

closed, they will not receive the oxygen and therefore, your

body will not be able to heal itself. It’s as simple as that.

So what causes cells to close? In one word—stress.


Therefore, the key to properly dealing with stress is not

necessarily to remove yourself from stressful situations but

to neutralize the wrong beliefs that cause you to interpret

the situation as stressful in the first place. Although there

are beneficial ways to remove stress such as doing deep

breathing, yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, etc.—and they

certainly are helpful to practice before, during and after the

administration of hydrogen peroxide for maximum oxygen

delivery to the cells—they do not remove the underlying

cause of the stress. Neither do they alter the way you

respond to the stress. The next time you face the same

situation, you will again experience stress because the wrong

belief is still there.