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Hieronder de reactie die ik van Green Pasture heb ontvangen op de vraag of er nou D2/ D3 in Blue Ice Royal zit:

We do not test for specific structures of vitamin D or any other nutrients. The information below may help you to understand why.

In nature, there are 160 different types of A, 957 types of the D hormone complex and 15-20 known types of K (a quinone). We do not add man made molecular structures in known quantities for labeling purposes as other food, supplement and drug manufacturers do. Other manufacturers that are able to state the precise amount of these metabolites are using synthetic vitamins to do so. They know which metabolite they have added, so they in turn know which ones to test for. Due to the complexity of our naturally fermented food products, we are unable to test each molecular structure.

The products we sell are considered foods and will contain a broad spectrum of nutrients and vitamin metabolites as found in nature. Economically, it would not be feasible for us to test for each one, for each product and for each batch; even if we knew what we were looking for. Additionally, laboratories have varying opinions on the different forms that should be measured. And to date, we have not found any continuity or consistency from lab to lab. We believe that limiting the value of our products to any one molecule structure is not appropriate, because we do not fully understand how these different structures interact with each other.

We have test data listed on our website at the following link which may help: