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Ivm afschuimen of niet:

ik lees nu in de comments sectie op een artikel over bouillon soep op de WAPF:

“Barb it is fine to use a pressure cooker for stock. This is the way I made all my stocks for many many years. It takes less water, less energy, and far far less time when done this way, and it tastes BETTER.

Ronny, the whole skimming of the scum thing is sadly overrated. Tests have shown that this “scum”, while unsightly, contains nothing harmful. Personally I’ve never seen it when making stock and therefore have never had to skim it. However, if you have enough sight to manage a pressure cooker, consider making your stock that way. It takes far less time and there is no scum to worry about. Smaller pressure cookers make smaller amounts of stock (remember you can only fill with liquids to the halfway mark – the chicken itself can stick up above that but not the liquids) but when it only takes 20 to 30 minutes, compared to 8 hours, smaller batches in a pressure cooker win hands down. You get a darker, more flavorful stock this way. I can attest to this after 40 years of stock making. None of my stocks made stove top are a patch on the ones that came out of my pressure cooker.

Finally, there is no need to add vinegar to soften the bones. They soften all by themselves just fine if you’ve cooked (or pressure cooked) the stock properly. The quantities we’re talking about here are not sufficient to have any significant effect on bones anyway. You can add vinegar if you like the flavor, but it’s not going to do a thing to extract “extra” minerals. Chemistry sez it isn’t so. Personally I make all stocks plain, nothing added, no salt, no veggies, no herbs or spices. Just meat and water. I prefer a plain stock so I can do with it as I will during cooking – tabula rasa, if you will.

I need a new pressure cooker. The stove top stocks are weak sisters compared to my pressure cooked stocks.”

Ik vraag me nu dus af of WP hier iets over gezegd heeft; hoe je bouillon precies maakt of dat de leden van WAPF zoals Sally Fallon zich baseren op oude kookboeken die aanbevelen om het schuim eraf te nemen (en azijn bij te voegen). En we weten trouwens ook al van Poekie dat niet alle ouderwetse kookboeken hetzelfde zeggen hieromtrent.