Re: H202



en nogmaals Mike, waarom is het ok vlgs jou om H2O2 te gebruiken met gewoon water of andere sappen en niet enkel gedistilleerd water zoals meestal wordt aangeraden?

Dit lees ik bv op de site waar ik mijn H2O2 heb gekocht:

Always dilute your 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in distilled water. Tap or mineral water contains dissolved minerals that will react with the extra oxygen, wasting it.

Never take hydrogen peroxide with food in your stomach. For most people this means an hour and a half either side of food. However if you feel a little nauseous after taking the H2O2 it could be because you haven’t left it long enough. Vitamin C, iron and fats in the stomach change hydrogen peroxide into super-oxide free radicals . This can severely damage the lining of your stomach . The same is true of iron, copper, silver or manganese so if you are supplementing these minerals DO NOT TAKE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE INTERNALLY.”