Re: H202



Vanaf welke hoeveelheden heb je eigenlijk teveel H2O2 op?

Moet je deze eens lezen:

“The prevailing view among most people, including most doctors, is that the mental retardation and medical complications that afflict individuals with Down syndrome are “inevitable.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Virtually all aspects of the syndrome can be prevented or ameliorated with early nutritional intervention.

Yes, Down syndrome is a genetic disorder. Children with Down syndrome are born with an extra chromosome #21. This in itself is not the problem. The problem comes from the “excessive genetic expression” of genes on the extra chromosome. One of the most serious consequences of this genetic activity is the buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the cells. Exposure to this extremely destructive free radical is likely largely responsible for the mental retardation, poor development, early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and short lifespan that characterize Down syndrome.

The accumulation of toxic levels of hydrogen peroxide in the body doesn’t happen overnight — and neither does the mental retardation that is associated with Down syndrome. Left untreated, however, the biochemical mechanisms that lead to mental retardation become progressively worse and mental and physical deterioration follow. “