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Landen die onder het communistische juk hebben gezeten, weten hoe repressief dat is geweest en herkennen en doorzien het hedendaagse cultureelmarxistisme meteen. Hier de supergave speech van Viktor Orban t.g.v. de 61e herdenking van de Hongaarse opstand tegen de Sovjet-overheersers:

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We are accustomed to the fact that in our part of the world, liberation is just the beginning of a new occupation. It’s fortunate that the nation — in the necessary moment, the fateful hours of history — has daughters and sons who are ready to defend their homeland. Because in this corner of Europe those times frequently come when it is not enough to talk nicely about one’s love for his homeland, but when one must actually have to defend his country.

The truth is that thirty years after Communism there exists once again a global force that wants to repaint the European nations in a single color, And wants to knead them into a consistent mass. Like every other cultured nation, we Hungarians always had our own notions about Hungary. A vision about freedom, about civilization. A vision about how to be human, And live as human beings. We always rebuilt our country this way, when we got rid of our current oppressors. So it was, too, at the time when we toppled Communism and sent the Soviets home. The truth is that now, after three decades, once again everything we think about Hungary and the order of the Hungarian life is endangered. The truth is, after achieving freedom in 1990, once again we have arrived at a turning point in our history.

We wanted to believe that the old problems could no longer return. We wanted to believe that the crazed dreams of the Communists — that from us Hungarians they would fabricate Homo Sovieticus — could never happen again. And now we stand here and look in stunned amazement at the forces of globalism straining against our doors, the way they work to shape Hungarians into Homo Brusselicus.

We wanted to believe… …We wanted to believe that we would never again have to deal with political, economic and mental forces that want to cut our national roots. We also wanted to believe that in Europe terror and violence cannot raise its head. This is not what has happened. Europe was blinded by its old successes, lost its significance on the world stage, in such a way that it did not even realize it. It dreamed about its role as a world leader. Today not even its neighbors care much about it, and even in its own house it is barely able to keep order. But instead of admitting this, it initiates revenge campaigns against those who warn about intellectual suicide and the dangers of nihilism. They labeled as diehards those who believed Europe needs solid, defendable external borders. They stigmatized as racists those who believed that immigration presents a danger to our culture. They stigmatized as exclusionists those who raised their voice in defense of Christianity. They stigmatized as homophobic those who stood in defense of the family. They called Nazis those who believed Europe is an alliance of nations. And finally they labeled as screwballs those who deviated from the economic path of Brussels, which leads to a swamp. Only a few of us survived these revenge campaigns.

This time of the year, on October 23, we see this most clearly. In the 20th century military empires caused the problems. Now on the lee of the wave of globalization, financial empires have arisen. They do not have borders, but they have world media, and they have tens of thousands of bought people. They do not have a solid structure, but they have an extended network. They are fast, strong and brutal. This empire of financial speculators successfully captured Brussels, and many member states, too. As long as it fails to regain its sovereignty, the steering wheel of Europe cannot be turned back to the correct direction. This empire brought upon us the modern-day mass migration, the millions of migrants and the new immigration invasion. They prepared the plan that wants to convert Europe into a mixed-race continent. Now we are the only ones resisting. We ended up in a situation where Central Europe is the last migrant-free region. That is why the fight about the future of Europe will be focused here.