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British men in general may be sexually thirsty, but they are certainly not thirsty enough to rape a woman who looks like Jemma Beale. Yet this highly unattractive woman managed to falsely accuse fifteen men of rape and sexual assault before she was jailed for ten years, representing a mere six or seven months for each of her victims. Most of these men, as we would expect, had zero sexual activity with Beale.

One of her victims, Mahad Cassim, spent two years of his original seven-year rape sentence in prison before he was released. Another falsely accused man had to escape Britain for good. Why? Because, armed with a political and social climate of “listen and believe always,” feminists and their enablers have successfully argued for rape quotas that leave matters of evidence and due process in the dustbin of history.

This Ugly Woman Invented 15 False Rape Accusations Before Finally Being Jailed