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EINDELIJK eens een artikl dat ingaat op wat ik hier ook al vaker heb geconstateerd: zogenaamd ‘conservatieve’ mensen zijn in werkelijkheid allesbehalve vrij van decennia van links-progressieve indoctrinatie. Helaas moet ik constateren dat dit ook geldt voor Thierry Baudet. Ik ben het helemaal eens met de conclusie van dit ROK-artikel en dit geldt ook voor Nederlandse ‘conservatieven’:

Conservatives nowadays don’t seem to know what it is they’re conserving. Their claims of standing for a traditional society feel empty when they also advocate for gender and marriage equality. As the culture war against leftists progressed, they slowly lost ground on almost every front. And as their image became demonized by the media, they conceded even further to try and appeal a bit more to the masses. After all, if the general public is okay with two men marrying, it’d make them the bad guys to say there’s something wrong with that.

Fear of being stigmatized makes them unable to push back, so they inevitably become weaker as time goes on. Even worse, the children of conservatives who were born into a watered down version of it don’t even realize it. A cycle forms then, in which the next generation is always more liberal than the next.

Mainstream Conservatives cannot reverse civilization’s decay, only delay it. Movements like Neo-Masculinity, the Alt Right and Alt Christianity lack the presence and member count of Conservatives, but are all better alternatives. Unlike the mainstream right, the dissident right isn’t afraid to push back against leftist narrative. One cannot win by defending alone. No matter how strong a castle’s walls, the stones that form it will crumble if it’s attackers aren’t stopped.

Conservatives are already thinking in the right direction, but haven’t fully taken the red pill. If the West is to survive, it’s imperative that we help these people fully wake up. They’re halfway there already, so hopefully they just need a few more nudges.

Today’s Conservative Has Become Yesterday’s Liberal