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Het volgende is nieuw voor mij..Essential Fatty Acids (punt 1 en 2). Ik dacht altijd dat Cod Liver Oil voldoende was. Maar welke Essential Fatty Acids zou ik kunnen nemen voor punt 1 en/of 2? Voor punt 3 ga ik CLO van Green Pasture gebruiken.

Recommended Supplements

The following supplementation protocol is to be taken in conjunction with—not in place of—the diet. The recommended supplements for GAPS patients are:

1. Essential fatty acids in the form of a nut/seed oil;
2. Essential fatty acids in the form of fish oil;[2]
3. Vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil;1
4. Betaine HCL with pepsin (in some cases);
5. Vitamin and mineral supplements(in some cases); and
6. An effective, therapeutic-strength probiotic.

Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends that GAPS patients receive more eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) than docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) through two types of oils: fish and nut/seed.