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hoi Jhanne,
Xylitol: ik zou uberhaupt ook geen kauwgom aanraden.
Het concept kauwgom staat mij persoonlijk ten eerste niet aan.
Ik krijg er honger en word er altijd lichtelijk misselijk van, maar dat ligt misschien persoonlijk.
Xylitol stel ik voor als (ingredient voor je) tandpasta, niet als iets om in te nemen.

Rinsing mouth and brushing teeth with xylitol sugar
… can stop tooth decay and heal periodontitis/gum disease

A large part of the information on the use of xylitol powder for fighting tooth decay and healing periodontal disease presented by Healing Teeth Naturally on this and the related pages are owed to an extraordinary German dentist, Dr Ulrich Bruhn, who has done ground-breaking work in this area and whose unflagging commitment to spreading the word about the use of “straight” xylitol as an effective caries and gum disease fighter nearly cost him his livelihood (his former patients recovered so that he decided to emigrate to a country where dentists are legally held NOT to inform their clients about xylitol! Hats off, bravo and a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Bruhn!

“Whenever someone used enough of it [Xylitol], they were invariably successful. In fact, I have waited for years for this treatment to fail, but in vain.”

Dentist Dr. Ulrich Bruhn