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Hier een goed artikel over waarom de ene zwarte zalf de andere niet is.

There are so many black salves that claim to do miraculous things and provide excellent results. There is undisputed evidence that black salves do work. One the other hand there is also evidence that black salves cause severe scarring and damage to health tissue. A point must be made here to clarify the issue. NOT ALL BLACK SALVES ARE A LIKE. Again, let me make this clear, not all black salves are alike. So why do some black salves cause skin damage and others do not. It is the ingredients, specifically the ingredient zinc chloride. Black salves that cause serious skin damage and scarring contains over 40% zinc chloride. There are medical doctors and even the government agency FDA; assert it is the ingredient bloodroot. This is impossible. If bloodroot is the ingredient that causes skin damage then it wouldn’t have been put in toothpaste and the University of North Carolina wouldn’t have used it as a dewormer in cattle and sheep.

En hier een recept voor het zelf maken van zwarte zalf.