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Hier een helder artikel dat vraagtekens zet bij GAPS. Matt Stone stelt terecht dat lage metabolische energie nie alleen met de darmen te maken heeft. De commentaren onder het artikel zijn ook interessant. Een citaat:

I have talked with Dr. NCM over email and personal phone calls and she has clarified on a few occasions that GAPS is not for everyone and that some people need more carbohydrates for their metabolism (even potatoes, etc). I would never suggest anyone consider staying grain-free or doing SCD for the rest of their life (well, maybe a few people could, but not most people). To support metabolism a person should try to add potatoes, or gluten-free grains (or something) as soon as possible. The point here is that we are all so very, very diverse. I think there are many autistic kids who need their adrenals and thyroids (etc.) addressed; hopefully their parents do so.

In de commentaren spreekt Matt ware woorden:

Even if GAPS is a solution, it’s a really hard one. Just because we invented a bike doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep developing technologies for more efficient travel. There may be rocket ships out there.