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Oh ok, het apparaat kan het misschien niet aan om langer aan te staan dan 40 minuten?

Hier de passage over de oren van die site:

I have ozonated my ears, and trust me, ozone penetrates the eardrum. For me, after about two months a clear liquid started coming out of my ears. This liquid is lymph fluid carrying toxins out of the body. My ears drained so much at night that my pillow was soaked through to the bed. I started noticing I could think clearer also. When I first started “cupping”, I wanted to cure this itching head thing I had for about 20 years. When my ears started oozing and my head started itching, I quit doing the ears and just applied ozone to my head. My head oozed a lot and had bumps all over it for about 10 months. I ozonated my head once a week to once a month.