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Kon gewoonweg de verleiding niet weerstaan toen ik ze voor anderen moest bakken

Wie nou nog beweert dat nachtschades niet verslavend zijn, moet dit maar eens lezen:

Yes, it is true that the potato is the brother to the tobacco plant, and both contain the dreaded nicotine.

All nightshade plants contain nicotine that is a known source of cancer. A few spoonfuls of eggplant contain the same amount of nicotine as sitting in a closed room with a light-smoker for three hours. Recent studies have shown the nicotine seems to inhibit the body’s ability to fight cancer, as it binds with the body’s natural cancer fighting cells, preventing them from attacking cancer. Nightshade plants may be the leading cause of cancer in the world, and they are a staple food in most cultures. It is simply outrageous that studies on the long-term use of nightshades are not being done, especially, in light of the knowledge that cancer is a major epidemic and all nightshades contain nicotine. If my claim is true then simply removing nightshades from the diet will bring a great reduction in the incidence of cancer and many other diseases.

Yes, with all of that nicotine and solanine in nightshades, you are addicted to spuds. Nicotine has been found to be one of hardest addictions to break. This is why most people “love” potatoes. It is for this reason that many think if you are trying to quit smoking, and are still eating nightshades, you are just making the whole process worse. It is advisable for someone who is trying to quit smoking, to also quit the other sources of nicotine, meaning those harmless looking taters on your plate. There you are trying to kick-the-habit and those little spuds, are stabbing you in the back with more nicotine–that just inflames your addiction.

Night Shade Free, Pain Free van Michael Fowler