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Je kunt ook altijd google vertaler gebruiken voor het gemak. 😉

Die zuurbessen zijn precies niet zo gekend, maar ik heb er wel een paar te koop zien staan op ebay (als je zoekt op de latijnse naam).

Hoewel ik ook toevallig op een tekst stootte ivm Dr Schulze over kruiden die te koop staan en vaak slechte stoffen bevatten door de verwerking, zelfs biologische! Weet niet of het waar is, maar hier staat dus:

In Dr. Schultze’s conversations with large organic herb suppliers he found that over 80% of organic herbs are also sterilized with toxic chemicals! Further, over 95% of herbs used in store-bought commercial herbal formulas are imported from third world countries where growing herbs are immersed in a chemical soup of DDT, carcinogenic insecticides and toxic fertilizers! In addition, Dr. Schultze in his desire to give the patient the best opportunity to get well naturally are either attacking or avoiding him because his ethics and concern for potent and effective herbal remedies cut into their profit margin. If other distributors were to put enough herb in their capsules to effect a real cleansing process they are afraid that they, too, would be hounded by the FDA and AMA. Instead they barely put about a quarter strength dosage in a formula and the patient would have to buy four bottle to achieve the same effect as Dr. Schultze.