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Voor de eventueel geinteresseerden in deze materie, het volgende:

A couple of my colleagues and me believe that this illness has been with us forever. However, what is new is the aggressive behavior of the bugs. They have not behaved like this. They are getting increasingly aggressive in the way they are causing symptoms in us – that is new. I hope that by the end of this meeting, you will get an idea why this is — it has to do with the synergistic cofactors, other toxins that are increasingly displacing our human potential, increasingly filled up with toxic material, and in that milieu change that we have, the microbes have changed their behavior. They used to be very synergistic in our system, in a probably beneficial way. One of the speakers I wish I had here this weekend is Gitte Jensen. Some of you may know here. She is a microbiologist, very, very high level, in Oregon, has her own lab. But she was at Mc… University in Canada. She basically found out that there is a constant exchange of DNA going on between human cells and microbes. That the human being organism is constantly evolving, a constant inter-exchange, is not separate from our microbial environment. And that the microbes that are in us are constantly communicating with out DNA and exchangeing forth and back with us. The microbes are trying to establish that we become a comfortable host, but also that we live as long as healthy as possible, because they are also benefiting from that.

That in Lyme Disease, things certainly have gone wrong. The symbiotic arrangement has gone wrong. We want to look at some of these causes – why that is. The interesting thing that I like to give you at the beginning that at the end of this seminar you are sort of coming back to, that everything we have done in alternative medicine over the last thirty years is valid. The only thing that changes is that the focus is a little more on the microbes in us than it was. But the same homeopathics work for Lyme Disease that always worked before we named it Lyme Disease; the same herbs and vitamins work that we have always given without knowing that we are actually treating Lyme Disease. The same acupuncture points work that always worked. We are coming back to all that, but having in mind that we actually are treating a microbial illness and the outcome of it in the body.

By changing the focus in treatment just a little bit and including the microbes and our immune system response to it, we have made great great progress in being able to help a lot of people, and I hope I am going to be able to bring it across here.

To give you a little introduction I am going to steel a little bit of knowledge from my friend, Lee Cowden, he gave me last year. This picture. Just a bit about recent discovery of Borrelia burgdorferi. (Dr. K. goes into detail of the 300 different borrelia types.)

Explains picture: This is a White Cell – being attacked by spirochetes. Now – what’s wrong with the picture? What’s wrong with the picture is that it is usually the other way around: that the White Cells are attacking the spirochetes. Not the spirochetes attacking the White Cells. Really this picture captures the core of what this group of illnesses is about. They are going after our immune system first, and immobilize it. And then everything is possible. It not unlike AIDS. In AIDS we experience that first.

Remember this, this is different from any other illness that we know. Usually, in illnesses you see the White Cells looking for bugs. This is the bugs looking for the White Cell. Does this White Cell have a chance to fight them? The picture is very similar – it reminds me, in Africa, sometimes you see a pack of dogs hunting down a lion, killing a lion; if you have one lion and one dog, the dog doesn’t have a chance. But if you got 50 dogs and one lion, the lion doesn’t stand a chance. That is what is happening with Lyme Disease.

This picture (one White Cell surrounded by many spirochetes) really expresses everything about it. In this illness we cannot count on the immune system to recover on its own. All these techniques that we have to stimulate the immune system…….What do you want to stimulate here??????….. You can’t give this guy coffee or whatever stimulates you can give to this White Cell —- is not going to succeed in killing the bugs around it. The numbers are overwhelming. And so – this is the illness where we need to kind of come in with some antimicrobial agents, whether plant based (as later) or man-made. But immune-stimulant therapies are a joke. It is not going to work.