Re: Kan je een geslachtsziekte natuurlijk genezen?

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Sexual intercourse we know now is high transmissive of the Lyme spirochete. In fact, I have a number of patients they report an interesting symptom: They make love to their wife and for the next two days their urethra burns. The bugs sense when you make love and they are accumulating in the urethra for their chance of propagating themselves and infecting another person. They are highly highly intelligent. That is proven. I am not making this up. The bugs sense whenever there is a possibility of propagating somewhere else – that’s where they accumulate. If you have that symptom, for me it has become diagnostic, when somebody reports it. Men sense that more because their urethra is a little longer and smaller; people have recurrent herpes outbreaks (genital herpes outbreaks) – that’s one of the tell-tale signs because the immune system is locally surpressed in the area from the Lyme spirochete and the toxins they are giving off.