Re: jodium



Interview met Elaine Moore over schildklier ziektes. Zij beveelt geen supplementatie met jodium aan

Zij zegt dat de minimum hoeveelheid jodium per dag is 75-150 mcg en dit kun je normaal gezien genoeg via je dieet binnenkrijgen. Volgens haar zou meer dan 150 microgram jodium, hyperthyrodism kunnen triggeren in mensen die gevoelig zijn voor jodium.

IK heb haar nochtans lugol’s zien aanbevelen voor iemand op haar site, dus snap het niet helemaal:

Hi Carol,

Kelp contains moderate amounts of iodine, typically tablets having 150 mcg. Lugol’s solution is a strong saturated solution of potassium iodide that provides 6 grams, far more than you could get from diet or kelp. Nearly a century ago, researchers found that strong solutions of iodine stop thyroid hormone production and its release from the gland. Before radioiodine was discovered, Lugol’s was the primary medical therapy for hyperthryoidism. It’s still used but mostly by naturopathics or holistic doctors. Because the effects wear off after a few weeks, the dose has to be carefully titrated. You’d need guidance by a qualified practitioner. Some endos have experience with its use so you could ask your doctor about it. Today, it’s most often used in the emergency room for patients with thyroid storm to quickly lower thyroid hormone levels. Best, Elaine