Re: H202



Uit The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is NOT a free radical. In the presence

of iron, hydrogen peroxide rapidly breaks down into

hydroxide ions and hydroxyl radicals. (H2O2 > OH- + OH*)

Let’s take a look at these two compounds separately.

OH- designates a hydroxide ion. High concentrations

of hydroxide ions are THE definition of alkalinity.

OH* designates a compound known as a hydroxyl radical.

The hydroxyl radical is the second most highly oxidative

free radical known (The most powerful is fluorine).

“Hydrogen peroxide is almost inert until it meets iron,

regardless of whether the iron is in solution or embedded in

a protein. Hydrogen peroxide reacts [really, really] quickly

with iron to generate hydroxyl radicals… Hydroxyl radicals

attack all proteins, lipids and DNA indiscriminately, initiating

destructive free radical chain reactions that spread damage

and destruction. Hydroxyl radicals are extremely reactive

fragments, the molecular equivalents of random muggers.

They can react with all biological molecules at speeds

approaching their rate of diffusion. This means that they

react with the first molecules in their path and it is virtually

impossible to stop them from doing so. They cause damage

even before leaving the barrel of the gun. If you ever hear

someone talking about antioxidants that ‘scavenge’ hydroxyl

radicals in the body, they won’t know what they’re talking

about. Hydroxyl radicals react so quickly that they attack

the first molecule they meet, regardless of whether it is a

‘scavenger’ or any other molecule. To scavenge hydroxyl

radicals in the body, the scavenger would need to be present

at a higher concentration than all other substances put

together, to give it a higher chance of being in the way. Such

a high level of any substance, even if benign, would kill you

by interfering with the normal function of the cell.”

(Nick Lane, Ph.d., Oxygen, The Molecule That Made the

World, Oxford University Press, 2002, page115-116, ISBN