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Ter aanvulling:

Briefschrijvers hebben in Wise Traditions, het kwartaalblad van de WAPF, ervaringen beschreven op GAPS, waaruit een duidelijk patroon blijkt van aanvankelijke vooruitgang, maar onherroepelijk gevolgd door achteruitgang:

I did the GAPS introduction diet for three weeks, lost ten pounds, began to look like a skeleton and felt awful. I assumed my symptoms were related to die-off and ignored everything, only to find myself in the hospital with dangerously low blood levels of potassium (an electrolyte), a nearly stopped heart, and what doctors called a heart attack.

With my symptoms and information I think that eating a no-carb diet, with diuretics (dandelion root, kombucha, etc.) and recommended frequent enemas can be really dangerous for some since all of these things can result in lowered potassium levels with symptoms that mimic what the book calls “die-off.”

I did the GAPS diet (very high fat, protein, lots of veggies and no rice, potatoes or grains of any kind) for six months last year and felt horrible for the first week. Then I had good energy and felt well for three or four months. But after that initial improvement, I started to get more tired, with lower energy and generally slid backwards.

I went off the diet and added back some healthy carbs like sprouted millet, quinoa, corn, brown rice, potatoes and yams. I notice that if my meal contains one of those along with my fat and protein, I don’t crave anything sweet. But if I eat a meal that has none of those good carbohydrates, I will be starving soon after the meal and will be having cravings for sugar and other sweet stuff.

I tried GAPS, felt great for six months and then experienced insomnia and a worsening of symptoms. I found with the GAPS diet, it was too low-carbohydrate for me and I needed to wise up to that fact and start adding back in the good carbohydrates, only to see many of my problems abate or disappear.

Dit zijn ook verhelderende citaten:

Many of us are coming from families where we suffer from severe deficiencies, manifested in all kinds of ailments. Many of us have been born to vegetarian of vegan mothers eating a lot of soy, many of us have been born to mothers suffering from adrenal fatigue and whose mothers, in turn, had suffered from adrenal fatigue. Some of us have to go back more than three generations in order to see a generation that did not suffer from bad health, were vibrantly healthy, had wide shoulders and faces, a healthy disposition to life and died a natural death.

I have talked with Dr. NCM over email and personal phone calls and she has clarified on a few occasions that GAPS is not for everyone and that some people need more carbohydrates for their metabolism (even potatoes, etc). I would never suggest anyone consider staying grain-free or doing SCD for the rest of their life (well, maybe a few people could, but not most people). To support metabolism a person should try to add potatoes, or gluten-free grains (or something) as soon as possible. The point here is that we are all so very, very diverse. I think there are many autistic kids who need their adrenals and thyroids (etc.) addressed; hopefully their parents do so.

Even if GAPS is a solution, it’s a really hard one. Just because we invented a bike doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep developing technologies for more efficient travel. There may be rocket ships out there.

Ik weet bijna 100% zeker dat er ook soortgelijke ervaringen zijn opgetekend over SCD. Verdiep je hier maar eens in!