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Uit Nightshade Free Pain Free van Michael Fowler:

Yes, with all of that nicotine and solanine in nightshades, you are addicted to spuds. Nicotine has been found to be one of hardest addictions to break. This is why most people “love” potatoes. It is for this reason that many think if you are trying to quit smoking, and are still eating nightshades, you are just making the whole process worse. It is advisable for someone who is trying to quit smoking, to also quit the other sources of nicotine, meaning those harmless looking taters on your plate. There you are trying to kick-the-habit and those little spuds, are stabbing you in the back with more nicotine–that just inflames your addiction.

‘Spuds’ en ‘taters’ zijn aardappelen.

Solanine in nightshades binds to the enzyme Acetylcholineste-rase, and prevents it from removing neurotransmitters from the neuroreceptors. Atropine in nightshades binds to the neuroreceptors, and blocks neurotransmission. This excess of acetylcholine generally causes “happy feelings”, which can cause cravings for nightshades, this is the beginning of addiction. Then after the acethlcholine is used up, the person may experience a “crash,” a.k.a. mood swings. Many people become sleepy from a lack of acetylcholine, as only sleep can restore them to the neurotransmitters.