Re: aarden



Echt wel indrukwekkend dit.

We were grounded while sitting in a chair with our bare feet resting on conductive floor pads that Clint had connected with a wire to outside ground rods.

Het is dus gronden dmv een apparaatje?

ik las ook zoiets van iemand die het snachts doet via haar bed of zoiets.

We’ve lost contact with the earth. Our feet seldom touch its surface, and when they do, it’s usually only for a day here and there in the summer. I never realized how big of a deal it was to be disconnected from the earth, until I purchased an earthing bed pad; basically, a conductive half-sheet with a wire that plugs into the wall and which connects to the earth.

I purchased the bed sheet about a month ago, after reading a book called “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, and Martin Zucker

I have been sleeping on an Earthing half-sheet for several weeks now and my sleep has improved radically. I used to get up once or twice during the night and it used to take me an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep. Now, I can often sleep through the night, and I have been falling asleep faster than before. I am also sleeping more deeply. In addition, I feel more relaxed during the day, which means that Earthing may be a good treatment for those with anxiety.

(doet een beetje denken aan het effect van de Croft-Zapper)