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Hey Poekie, ik heb gemerkt op je website dat je in de ochtend het minst eet en ‘s avonds het meest. Ben je bekend met het gezegde: “Eet ‘s morgens als een koning, ‘s middags als een prins en ‘s avonds als een bedelaar.”?


Eating a good breakfast is important for blood sugar regulation, adrenal health and immune system health. You’ve just woke up from fasting for 8 hours and your body needs nourishment. Have some protein, carbs and fats for breakfast. Give your body some good calories, vitamins, minerals and take your supplements at this time too.

Eating a good lunch is also important since you have half of the day left. […]

Have a small dinner. We, in this society, focus on dinner as a main meal of the day. The problem is your digestive system would like to slow down at that time of day and here we are reviving it up with a big meal. You can have your chicken, fish, beef, salad, veges or whatever you usually have just eat about half the size you usually eat. […]

You will actually sleep better if you eat this way because your body will be able to slow down more at night. It may take awhile to adjust to this but give it a try!