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Blij dat het door mij geplaatste artikel resoneerde met jullie.

Al eerder heb ik gepost over de kracht en magie van woorden.

Onlangs stuitte ik op het boek van Pao Chang : Word Magic The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words.


Een beknopte samenvatting van de introductie:

Words spoken aloud transform into sound, frequency and vibrations which are fundamental building blocks of matter.

The physical world we live in is made of matter; therefore it is also made of sound, frequency and vibration.

On a deeper level, the material world was brought into existence using the power of spoken words.

The secrets of the universe and the true history of mankind are hidden in words.

Words create our reality. Learning how to decipher words to find their spiritual meaning enhances our ability to innerstand the knowledge of God, making it easier to achieve spiritual freedom and eternal life.

Many words were introduced by the Dark Forces as hypnotic symbols to manipulate and control our minds. The source of the Dark Forces malevolent behavior is a cosmic ‘virus’. It’s goal is to infect all living things in the universe with its selfish and destructive thoughts causing death and destruction througout the universe by draining its host of energy.

The good news: We can only be infected when we live in a state of ignorance, fear, hatred and irresponsibility.