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Notre Dame.

These are gargoyles, a type of demon. Also the goat man, now what I’m about to explain is out of this world.

Notre Dame was the 9th church building to be set fire to in 11 days. Notice that? 9/11. The number 9/11 is hugely symbolic in the saturn moon matrix. As above so below 😉

Capricorn, is the half man half goat (Satan). Saturn is Capricorns planet, Satan and saturn are the same thing. The celebration of Christmas, falls on the 25th December a day which is under capricorn sun, saturn sun. The day Santa gives gifts to children. Santa, Satan, saturn, our lord saturn.

This was a very manipulative and calculated move, it always is with the dracos, they use numbers, times, dates to keep us locked into this fake matrix world they’ve put before our eyes.