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Women today don’t want to call themselves feminists because it is simply redundant. The fact is, the majority of them would rather enjoy the spoils of victory than be politically active. The ongoing, post-victory plundering is left for the mentally-unstable snarkies and the virtue-signaling, millennial twigs to engage in. As a man, you would be making a serious mistake to let your guard down just because a girl doesn’t identify herself as a feminist.


I propose that, instead of judging a woman based on whether she is a “feminist” or not, she should be judged based on whether she believes in equalism or not. Equalism being the misguided attempt to standardize two different things (in this case, the sexes) that cannot be made equal. To paraphrase: women either believe in traditional and biological role for themselves, or believe in a sham equality where they enjoy all the male privileges without the responsibilities.


So, next time you meet a woman, ask yourself: Does she believe that men and women have fundamental sex differences along with their corresponding roles or does she believe in “equality”? Her attitude towards sex differences will tell you a lot more about her true nature than anything she labels herself as.